Funniest thing posted in SDMB

Hey guys, I was looking through MPSIMS lately and I started wondering, what was one of the funniest posts ever written here. I have found several hilarious ones over the past 7 months or so I’ve been lurking here. My favorite is probably in the thread about things found on bathroom walls. Anybody else have any hilarious posts to share.

BTW not just in MPSIMS but throughout SDMB

Oh shoot, moderators can you please move this to MPSIMS, I somehow posted in the wrong forum.

But, see…you’re in the Pit, eman77! (Not that there’s no humor to be found here. Heh.)

You may want to ask a Mod to move this thread for you – worthy topic, hysterical threads abound.

How’s about a link to that thread? I could use some laughs 'bout right now.

Oh, sure, he says it was just a mistake! I’ll bet he’s trolling for giggles!

We take a mighty dim view of whimsy here in the Pit, pardner.

Homer’s “a monkey that i wish for”

The funniest was when eman77 posted a thread about the funniest things on the SDMB - and put it in the Pit!!! ha ha ha, giggles all around.

The thread about the prehensile rectum.

Billy Rubin’s “Another bathroom etiquette memo: Do you have a prehensile rectum?”
and Astroboy14’s “Warning! If you are disgusted easily, read no more!!! I’m serious!” on page two of Billy’s thread

Damnit Muffin! I wanted to list that!

I found everything in this thread funny

Well, you could always check out this site:

Maintained by Dopers for Dopers!

Whammo’s thread " Funny things said during love making/intimate moments…"
In which for the price of admission the good reader gets:
False leg
Squealing like a pig
Barking like a dog
Wrong house
Driverless vehicle
Flaming Hair
And much, much more:

A newbie starts a thread asking why the West went to war against Hitler. In response he receives a great many meal recipes.

Not to be deterred, he starts another thread again asking why the West went to war against Hitler, and again receives meal recipes in response. A Mod closes the second thread and reprimands him for starting it while the first thread was still extant.

First thread:

Second thread:

Well, lieu, had some funny shit here, lno, raged here, and this thread was a stinker here.

Some funky stuff for sure.

The rock in the box: I burning your dog

The OP is pure gold, and a lot of the replies are sweet too, especially “You no burning they dog.”

While we usually lock horns in GD, the funniest post that I’ve ever read, and it’s not even a contest, comes from Scylla.

I present you The horror of blimps

I’m surprised someone thought one of my posts was that funny, albeit the most low-brow of all the threads I’ve started… :smiley:

The funniest I can think of, and the one that REALLY got me addicted to the SDMB was the “Enterprise” meets “Airplane!” thread.

A discussion about computer languages yook a very funny turn when friedo talks about java having so many classes that one for simulating duck sex was among them.

I just cracked up.

Just about anything by Giggle Gaggle or Apricot Syrup or Lucid Dreamer or Transitionality.