Funniest vid I've seen in a while

It gives me hope for the souls of the folks in advertising.

Amusing. I don’t know if I’d say funny.

It’s cute, for sure.

Fair enough. A hearty chuckle nonetheless. It does not make me want to go out and buy chocolate, at least no more than my usual constant craving for the stuff. :wink:

That’s awesome! Thanks for posting- I have a couple of drummer friends who are going to love that.

Have you seen the Snickers Feast! campaign?

“The feast… it is ruined.”

That gorilla’s hilarious. But you do have to be a Phil Collins fan to “get” it. :cool:

Kinda like how this Old Spice Commercial isn’t really that funny unless you’re a Bruce Campbell fan.

It doesn’t have anything to do with chocolate. Then again, just seeing an image of Cadbury’s chocolate makes me want to grab one. I’m conflicted.