Funny lines in dramatic films

Air Force One, when the president is trying to make a quiet and surreptitious call to the White House on a cell phone he found while hiding from the hijackers. The plane is surrounded by fighter jets. The whole executive branch is on high alert and near chaos. Russia is being blackmailed into releasing a terrorist assassin. The president is sweating bullets, can’t remember the number and, fumbling nervously, calls directory assistance.

Operator: “Here’s the number…”

President: “Can you connect me to that number?”

Operator: “There’s a connection fee of one dollar, sir.”

At the end of History of Violence, William Hurt’s character is meeting with Viggo Mortenson’s character.

WH’s character has told one of his underlings to kill VM’s character, but the underling fails. WH asks, “how could you fuck that up?”

Maybe you had to be there.