funny nicknames you've had

Everyone has had a funny or embarrassing nickname at one time or another. Tell yours, and tell us where it came from if you know.

As a child my family called me “The Clone” because I apparently looked very much like my father as a baby. The other kids in my family were blond headed and blue-eyed, but I looked nothing like them.

At 16, a man at a Renaissance festival dubbed me “Nipples” over a loudspeaker. It was raining and cold and I’d skipped a bra as per usual. The name stuck.

Also a family nickname, “Perky”, as from the movie Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald. “Ooooh, and they’re so PERKY, too!”

Other than that, sometimes I’ve been called “Ms Short term memory”, but I don’t remember why.

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For my 6th grade picture, I had on a pink turtleneck and these big pink framed glasses and my hair was short and had all sorts of cowlicks in it. My friend, Billie Joe, always called that picture (and me) “Simon” cause she said I looked like Simon from Alvin & The Chipmunks.

My sister calls me Smelly, not because of any personal habits :stuck_out_tongue: but because my family nickname is Shelly so Smelly Shelly just kind of goes with the territory.

My husband calls me “Bug” or “Bun” (as in “bunny”).


Let’s see

One of my friends always calls me Sizzle Chest (I haven’t the slightest idea why)

Most of my other ones aren’t too odd or funny.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Kellibelli- that one is pretty obvious…
My dad used to call me Blondie… :slight_smile:
warm fuzzy memory here*
As a child, I was all blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Now my hair is darker blonde and my eyes are yellow…kidding-still big & blue!

I have a friend who, every time she calls me, says “Hey, Wackyass”. I’m not sure way. My ass isn’t particularly wacky, but my friend certainly is :open_mouth:

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in University, us girls used to call each other “whoredog”-with a redneck accent…
Picture entering the cafeteria, hearing a group of girls yell/drawl…Watcha doin’ ya hooor-dawg?..What a blast!

I had two nicknames in college that were pretty funny. I went through a real “preppy” period in which I wore a lot of polo shirts and sweaters, loafers, and usually socks that matched the shirt/sweater. One day, I had on a light green sweater, with requisite matching socks; and when I sat down to eat lunch with my fraternity brothers, one of them looked down at my feet and said, “Oooh, minty!” From there on in, I was “Minty.”

One evening, when we were all drunk as hell, we were sitting around thinking of ridiculous superhero names for each other. I became “Lemur Boy–Swinging from tree to tree fighting crime in the rainforests of Madagascar!”

Not sure if these count as “funny” or not. Maybe funny “odd”, probably not “ha ha”.

In High School - “Polonius”. Explanation: I talked (okay rambled) a LOT! I still do. Heck, one time we were supposed to do a 10 minute speech. Mine went on for an hour (an entire class) and I wasn’t finished. I don’t think I have ever done a debate where I didn’t get to see the little red light (almost out of time) come on.

Various Martial Arts -
“Superman” Explanation: You should see my jumping break falls.
“Man from Mars” Explanation: … I don’t think I can explain this one. Sorry.
“One Board” Explanation: The only time I have ever broken any part of my body in the martial arts was a VERY simple break of a single board. Back then I could break 3 slabs of concrete and several boards (4-5). I wasn’t paying any attention and pulled the punch -> broken knuckle. I still have a hard time not hearing about this.
“Jedi” Explanation: Its those reflexes (perhaps my only truly amazing ability). This one is new since SW: Episode 1. I.e. Qui-Gon “You must have jedi reflexes if you race pods”.

Work -
“Mr. Karate” Explanation: Obvious.
“Mr. AI” Explanation: Other than design, this is what I do. I do the machine intelligence.

Friends -
“Evil Alien Vampire Bill the Cat Clone” Explanation: Evil - I have a cool evil laugh, Alien - everybody figures I can’t possibly be from this planet, Vampire - I tend to be pretty pale (I burn easy so I try to avoid intense Sun), Bill the Cat - I do a nifty Bill the Cat impersonation, Clone - The only way I could do such a could BtC impersonation is if I were in fact a clone of Bill the Cat.

It’s bernard, just under new management

I have had a couple of nicknames. My favorite being from my Rocky Horror days. “You” was my nickname. All of my friends called me that. It was great introducing myself, “Hi, I’m You but you’re not me,” or when they would call and ask, “Is You there?” My father thought my friends had horrible grammar. It was great.

The only other ones deal with Evil and such, so i won’t go into those.


Slugger. Back when I was a junior in high school, I went to the Homecoming dance with a good friend of mine. He and I were standing in line to get our pictures taken, and we were talking to the people in front of us. Then, this skanky guy Chris Williams got in line behind us. We both knew Chris and his date, so we said hi. Chris shook my hand and looked right down the front of my dress. I must be imagining that, I thought, and turned around to continue talking to the people in front of us. A couple of minutes later, I felt the back of my dress slowly rise up, as if someone was lifting it. I turned around to see Chris looking directly at me with a yeah, and what are YOU going to do about it? look on his face. So I looked him directly in the eye, and slapped him so hard his head spun. His date and my date had both been talking to other people at the time, and right about the time that Chris hit me back, they both spun around. Of course, I didn’t get a chance to hit him again, because my date got right up in his face and beat him up against a wall. The funny thing is, Chris ended up being suspended, and my date and I got off scot-free. His date must have apologized to me about 18 times that night. By the next Monday, the news was all over school, and I was the proverbial hero of the day. My date and I, just friends before the whole thing happened, ended up dating for a year. The “Slugger” nickname came from his best friend later that night. He also called me “Champ,” but I always preferred the former. Nobody ever calls me that anymore, but it was probably the only nickname I’ve ever gotten.

Kick his butt, Drain! Way ta go!

At work I am known as “The Babe Magnet”. Really. I stems from an incident when I was on a business trip. One woman was, according to my co-workers, flirting her brains out around me. Could be, I’m pretty thick when it comes to picking up hints. Since I was totally unaffected by the flirting, my co-workers decided that I must get this kind of attention all the time and I had chosen not to respond. When they finally told me I was the object of flirtation I responded “Oh, yeah? By whom?”. When I finally convinced them that I had no clue, they got a good laugh and I got a nickname.

FWIW - Those of you who know the Longhorn Steakhouse chain probably know their spokeswoman, Lotta Mae Ledbetter AKA The Big Haired Lady. These same co-workers presented me with an autographed 8X10 of Lotta Mae, inscribed “To The Babe Magnet, Love, BHL”. It sits proudly on my desk.

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In high school because there were several girls on our volleyball team whose names began with JO - Jodi, Joan, Joanne, Jody…to cut down on the confusion, we were asked what our middle names were. Marie, Marie,Mary, Marie and Florence. My nickname was Flo for the team. I’ve actually always preferred Florence. It’s the lesser of two evils.

Whilst working as a summer camp counselor, my stealth and ability to walk through the woods in the dead of night without a flash light to scare the crap out of staff and campers alike earned me the nickname: Rambo.

The last one is really a bastardization of me real and totally boring name Joan. Family in Germany have a tough time pronoucing the J sound (It’s a Y sound over there.) and do it CH. So I am Choan. My brother in law, who is Kyle, becomes Khiele ( Ky-leh) through the German misspelling.

I’ve always wanted and secretly longed for a really cool nick name.

In adolescence: Grace, because I didn’t have any.

In my mid-teens: Hawkin’ Buds, because someone thought I did have those.

Forever: Peeper, who knows why…something my Dad coined.

From my hubbie: Wonderbuns, but he’s just trying to get laid.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a nickname, unless you count Kat, which I gave myself. Or She-who-knows-everything, which is me at work.

(Anyone: “Go ask Kat, she knows everything.”
Me (shouting across the room) “I don’t know anything.”)

My mother calls me “mouse”.

I’m 6’4".
– Sylence

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I’ve had a lot of goofy nicknames.

Tweety: I butched my hair before I joined the Army, so it wouldn’t get in my way, and it stuck up in the morning. Someone thought I looked like tweety-bird. Same explanation for Butch.

Ann Bando: My nephew couldn’t pronounce Aunt Amanda.

Great Green Gorilla Girl: My best friend Jack and I were working on OH58 blades. The fumes tend to make a person silly after 12 hours or so. He started calling himself “Big Bad Baboon Blade Boy” but insisted I could not possibly be the “Big Bad Belligerant Baboon Blade B!+{#.” He made up another name for me.

Spooky: Self explanatory. Came into existance when yet another wristwatch started running backwards. Wierd stuff just happens around me.

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From childhood:

“Chrissi D.” My given name is Christina Dawn. Chrissi D. is what my mom used to call me … occasionally, she still gets away with it. (FTR, my younger brother’s name is Kevin Charles… his cutesy nickname is “Kipchuck”, which I’ve lovingly modified to the very obvious “Upchuck”.)

“Sunshine” This is my grandmother’s nickname for all her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. She insists it’s a term of endearment, I think it’s just so she won’t have to remember any names. Christmas and family reunions are hilarious. Grandma calls for “Sunshine” and everyone (me, my mom, my brother, Byron, aunts, uncles, EVERYONE) yells back, “Yeah?”

“Bee” I won the spelling bee in sixth grade. I lived in a small town at the time, so it was a very big thing… I was famous! It was in the local paper and everything. So, everyone at school started calling me “Bee”. (I’d forgotten about that.)

“Cheeseburger, Cheese” Hanging out at a friend’s house one night when I was in ninth grade. I was starving to death and one of the guys was constantly leaving and coming back (taking people home, picking more people up) so I handed him a buck and asked him to pick me up a cheeseburger from McD’s. He came and went 8 times before he finally brought it back, and each time he came back, I’d bitch at him “where’s my damn cheeseburger?” The next day, all my friends were calling me “Cheeseburger”. It sorta died after a little while, with those guys only using it to get my goat. A few years ago, they shortened it to “Cheese”… it still annoys the piss out of me.

“Technicolour” At a going away party for my friend Blue (he was entering the army, I think this was about 1992… like it matters, anyhow…) I was wearing this royal blue jacket that had an embroidered dragon and the word “Korea” embroidered above it, and Blue said “Well, now, aren’t you just Technicolour!” For some reason, it stuck.

And then there are Byron’s annoying nicknames for me: “Lips”, “Buns”, “Cheeks”, “Wife”, etc.

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

All my nicknames are due to my cynical pessimistic nature on life.
during my four years in college, I ended up with a variety of nicks, just to drive home the point that I was a depressant.
dippy - 'cuz I had the slowest droopiest walk in my dorm. this later became dippy the penguin.
virus - apparently I am contagious.
then some smartass had a brainwave and found out a Floyd song had my first name in it. and for a whole year my nick was “Vera, Vera, what has become of you?”.
some versions that didnt catch on though
dipsomaniac, depresso, etc etc