Funny or just plain odd business names

This might have been done before, but lord knows, there are always new oddities out there to discover…

I just saw a seafood market called T&A Seafood.

But that wasn’t even the funniest one. There was a truck rental place near it called Suppose U Drive. It seems bland at first, but the more I think about it, it’s an unusual but catchy name for a business. If you ran a buffet, you could call it Suppose U Chow Down. Or a school: Suppose U Learn. Or…?

There’s also the nearby offices of Chew Dental (I love that one).

Contributions, please.

I used to work for a place with SAC as its acronym… we always found that one funny to use for advertising ideas…

also… I find the name Bill and Harry’s a very odd Chineese Food name… great food though…

There is a place near my work, I drive past it on “coffee runs”, it’s called “ISA PUR Supermarket”

Kills me, EVERY time!

They’ve since changed their name, dammit, but there used to be an El Paso Gas Company.

And there’s a demolition company in Baltimore—I can’t remember the company name, but their slogan is, “We Destroy Everything We Touch!

We have a furniture store called Wood U

And then there’s the chinese restaurnt Wok n’ Roll
In Jacksonville there’s also a Chinee Takee Outee restaurant

I once bought a hot dog at “Eat It and Beat It”. Ooooooh…It was soooo hot!

There’s a restaurant in Torrance, CA, near where I used to live, called “Leave Me Alone.” Closely related is the bar north of Dubois, PA on Route 219 called “Don’t Know Tavern.”

My favorite one was the sign on I-110 north of San Pedro, CA, advertising “Aggressive Erections.” I hope it was for a construction company.

We have a funeral home in the next town over that goes by the name of Bruce & Stiff.

There’s a “Pane in the Glass” stained glass studio down the road from my house.

There is a Fish Restaurant on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast called the Sanitary Fish Market…eww.

I have never liked Ruth’s Chris Steak House - it just makes no sense, even after I learned the story (lady named Ruth buys a place called Chris’ Steak House, is more successful, opens up a chain of them, but has an ego, so decides to call them, you guessed it “Ruth’s Chris Steak House”…

in my hometown, there is a funeral home named Boxwell Bros.

also, here in Austin there is a junk/thrift/resale store called Austin Found LOVE IT!!

There’s a liquor store about 2 miles from my house called Bunghole Liquors. You’ve probably seen the picture of it circling around the 'net.

A couple from Los Angeles:

Culver City Meat Company’s trucks deliver all over the city - with their slogan proudly emblazoned on their sides in large letters: You Can’t Beat Our Meat!

A hair salon in Burbank: The Best Little Hairhouse in Burbank.

Any construction company with the word Erections in its name. (We have one here.)

I know of a highway convenience store/gas station named Please Stop!

On the north shore of Chicago, I saw a van driving around. They were a chimney sweep/carpet cleaning service. . .

called Ashwipes.

I’m totally looking them up when I get my chimney cleaned.

In the NW 'burbs, there’s a few hair salons called Best Head

I’ve seen a hair salon called Curl Up and Dye around here, although I suspect this one isn’t quite so original.

There’s a coffee shop called Brewed Awakenings.

Also, in some small town about 90 miles from here is a roadside tavern called Don’t Ask Bar. I imagine this name came about when people would ask their friends where they’re going and they’d reply, “Don’t Ask.”

I’ve seen the “Suppose U Drive” trucks, too. I always thought they should go one better and call themselves, “What? You want I should drive?”

There’s a Chinese restaurant near my place with the name of Insomnia karaoke Restaurant. I have NO idea what’s up with the name. As my sister said when I told her about it: “Aiya… what kind of clientele do they want?” My brother thought it was a hilarious mistranslation… perhaps, but I don’t know if I want to eat there!


On the highway between Panama City and Colon there is an eating establishment that made me double-take the first time I saw it: the Dago Restaurant.

One of the main supermarket chains here is called Casa de la Carne (Meat House) (the English translation is included in the signs.)

Local iInsurance company:
Bare and Sweat

(actually spelled Swett, but pronounced sweat)
Been trying to think of a slogan for them…