Funny picture of cat smoking a cigarette

When I was a kid, I remember having trading-type cards (maybe stickers?) that had pictures of real animals doing funny things on them. Obviously the pictures were doctored, as I remember a cat smoking a cigarette in one. I was trying to find a picture of one online but had no luck.

The one I remember best is a cat (maybe more than one) who is dressed in a sailor suit. He is in the bathroom and it looks like he (and his friend) are sneaking a smoke.

Does anyone knowwhat I’m talking about, and more importantly, know where I can find a picture of it?

I can give you a squirrel drinking guinness but no smoking cats I’m afraid.

Well, that is right along the lines of what I’m talking about. My pictures were in color, and the animals were wearing clothes, but pretty darn close!

Well, I haven’t found the one you mentioned but here are some other good ones:

smoking cat

cat smoking

And here’s a guy trying to stuff a kitten into his mouth. :dubious:

Wow. Those are hilarious. Thanks for posting…

My brother-in-law used to have a poster in his bathroom of two cats wearing clothes smoking cigarettes (at least one was) in a bathroom.

My sister convinced him take it down. Should I ask him if he still has it and if so what the cats are wearing?

Not sailor suits, but suits!

Smoking in the Boys Room

That’s it!! You are the best! And I bet it is one the one Motorgirl’s brother has. Thank you!

You’re welcome. :cool:

Here (He’s holding it behind his back, the sneak)

I have one a bit like that

Eeewwww! He’s touching the toilet bowl!