Funny Religious Cars

A couple of Highly Random and Amusing sights this week:
1.) On my way into work this morning I passed a car stopped (broken down?) beside a giant Menorah*.

The license plate read RABBI

2.) A couple of days ago I pulled into a parking space near a car with a license plate border that read, in large letters:

Unitarian Universalism
The only other thing adorning the car was a bumper sticker that read :

Follow Me to Destruction

I still don’t understand what that was supposed to mean, but I’ll bet the U-U people don’t appreciate it.

  • Yes. And it’s been up since the summer, at least. I suspect it’s up year-round.

I always liked the license plate on the white Rolls Royce owned by the preacher (Richard Pryor) in ‘Car Wash’: TITHE

We’ve got one on our block with the license plate THETAN. I can’t decide if it’s a sci-fi fan with a sense of humor, or a member of our most mocked religion.

A few years back, we saw a “Jewish Mini-Van”.

Actually, it was a perfectly ordinary minivan, with the basket part of one of those basket chairs upside down on top. So it kind of looked like one of those little hat-things which Jewish men traditionally wear.

And given that it was just a day or two post Christmas, I’d bet it was actually owned by a Christian–or at least person who celebrates Christmas, which is not neccessarily the same.

Still, it was kind of funny to look at and say “Look, a Jewish Mini-van”.

There’s a beat up car in my neighborhood with the license “BALZBUB.”

I always wonder who the hell the person knew to get that one through the DMV.

At a stop light today I saw a baptist fish symbol next to a Guitar Hero sticker next to a Megadeth sticker…???

Sigh. Dave Mustaine is a x-tian now.

There’s a vehicle that parks down the street that has a bumper sticker that says, “I’m on fire for Jesus.” Either the car’s owner is confused or I am. Jesus isn’t usually the one I usually associate with fire, after all.

Anyone who lived in Reno Nevada in the early 1990’s remmebers Anti-Abortion Andy, who drove a beat up Chevy plastered with bumper stickers and posters, and had a baby doll on the roof.

When he’d stop by the Kinkos where I worked to run flyers we’d discuss the logistics of creating a bumber sticker on Avery label stock and sneaking it onto the back of his car: “my other car is a bloody fetus.”

This car was designed and built by a priest.

Was the tailpipe cut?

When I worked in Orange I’d frequently see a newer white car with religious quotes all over the windows in vinyl lettering. The driver would motor along the freeway waving a bible out the window.