Funny stuff you misunderstood/misconceptions about movies as a kid.

Similarly, I don’t think my son knows Moulin Rouge! has another scene (two, actually, if you count the footnote) after the curtain goes down. I’m not trying to fool him or anything, I just prefer the happy ending, so I press stop on the DVD player!

I still love The Pirate Movie in spite of Chris Atkins. Bought it on DVD a while back and pop it in every so often. That Kristie McNichol is just so darn spunky. If there’d just been some way to have Atkins in the film but not allow him to speak or try to act…

Anyways, for things I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand that the military hardware from Godzilla movies didn’t accurately represent the military might of the Japan Defense Force.

I think he didn’t even know what Leia’s ship looked like (from the outside).

I do that too. I don’t think I’ve seen the end since I saw the movie in theaters :slight_smile:
As for movie misconceptions, I never got the whole Nazi aspect of The Sound of Music at all. It made the movie more than a little confusing.

I came in here to mention Mary Poppins, but not the suffragette aspect that’s been brought up already. My mom took me to see it when I was maybe three, and that part went waaay over my head to the extent that I didn’t notice it. At the end when Mr. Banks is losing his job, I didn’t understand what was going on, so I asked my mom. She whispered back that he got in trouble at his job and was getting fired. I didn’t know that term, so I assumed that his bosses were going to set him on fire! I kept asking her, “Where are the matches?” but she couldn’t figure out what I was talking about.

I hated that movie anyway. Mary Poppins was such a bitch. She took the kids on all these awesome adventures to fly around and dance with cartoon penguins, and then when the kids tried to tell their dad about it, she would call them liars. Nice parenting strategy, hell nanny.

When I was a kid, it puzzled me that every year around Easter, they showed THE TEN COMMANDMENTS on tv. I thought about it and decided that all the Jesus movies all sucked and that this movie was just better.

Latter, I moved to NYC and figured it out.

I thought that the sepia-toned snapshots in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were of the actual outlaws, and the actors were cast because they looked just like them.

And I thought that Patton used Patton tanks in WWII, hence the name.

I take it you never read the book, then, 'cause she’s even meaner. Even when the parents aren’t around, when the kids are retelling the tales of the day to each other, she’s all, “Pish tosh, that never happened, what are you talking about you nasty little liars?” and they’re all WTF? Seriously, she’s a royal bitch. I love that book!

I still don’t get it. 'Splain, please?

Passover comes around the same time as Easter.


While it looked like the Star Destroyer engulfed Leia’s ship, it still was open to space. C3PO and R2D2 took an escape pod from Leia’s ship. Upon ejecting, they would have been able to see at least one side of it.

If you ask why the Star Destroyer didn’t just close the bay doors, I’ll hit you with a wet, stinky fish. I can’t explain away all of Lucas’ idiocies.

Mine was similar. I thought Flash Gordon and The Flash of DC comics were the same person. So I waited the entire cheesy Queen movie out waiting for him to run really fast and couldn’t figure out why he didn’t.

What WhyNot said: before she was Disneyfied into Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins was basically a witch. Not really a malicious witch, but she was not all sugar and spice, and there was a real undercurrent of scariness to her.

It wasn’t until recently, while rewatching the first Back to the Future movie, that it clicked with me who the singer called while Marty was playing Johnny B Goode.

When talking on the phone he goes something like “Chuck… it’s your cousin Marvin Berry. You know that new sound you were looking for?” and he holds the phone towards the stage.

How many times I’ve seen that movie and listened to some of Check Berry’s songs and it only clicked the last time I saw it.

Her and the Germans. (Apparently when they aired it there on TV, they ended it after the wedding.) I don’t remember watching much past that point either when I saw it as a kid.

Not so much a misunderstanding, but when I was little, I remember watching Back to the Future and thinking how lucky it was that things worked out that way for Marty. He did go back in time, but it was to the same exact day that Doc Brown figured out time travel/the flux capacitor. Plus, it was a whole week before a lightning strike. How lucky was all that? (Took me a while before the concept of “writers” kicked in.)

I’m not askin’, just sayin’. It didn’t have bay doors, IIRC.

…Eh? I’m pretty sure Star Destroyers have bay doors, otherwise those would be the easiet capital ships to destroy ever (just shoot a missle into the interior of the ship.)… but I always assumed the Alderanan blockage runner wasn’t far enough inside the Star Destroyer yet for the bay doors to be closed when the pod was jettisoned.

When I was a kid, I knew Darth Vader’s voice was done by James Earl Jones. So I assumed he was in the costume as well–that he was Darth Vader. And therefore Leia and Luke were not only sister and brother, but also sistah and brothah.

Me too. It never occurred to me that it could be somebody else inside the costume.

Star Destroyers have shields and doors on the Hangar Bays, but no doors on the larger Docking Bays, which are where large ships (such as the Blockade Runner) are moored.