Funny stuff you misunderstood/misconceptions about movies as a kid.

As I thought. Here’s a particularly good photo from that website:

Something a bit more meta: When I was just a wee thing, my parents and I watched some horrible cheesy monster flick involving giant ants eating people. There were human body parts everywhere. I informed my parents confidently that the body parts shown onscreen came from dead people who donated their bodies to the movie industry (much like people donate their bodies to science). My reasoning was how could movie people possibly make a fake body part that looked as real as those parts did? Impossible. Ergo, the parts must be real, and presumably under a real tight deadline for filming. Pee-yew.

Unless he was wearing a blindfold, I’m pretty sure he got a look at the outside when he boarded for the trip.

Scary Mary

Awesome, fuffle.

I assumed all weddings conducted onscreen were real, and the actors and actresses had to go get divorced after they finished making the movie.

And no, I never read the Mary Poppins book. I cheered when Nanny Bobbins got sucked into a jet engine on The Simpsons though. :slight_smile:

When I was very little, I thought that people were standing behind the screen speaking the parts. When I saw Barry Lyndon, I wondered how much they had to pay Ryan O’Neal to have his leg cut off. I would have been seven when it came out.

C3PO was a Protocol Droid - they have lousy memories for techie stuff :slight_smile:

Besides, there’s a good chance he would never have seen it from the bottom.

Or considering that he’s possibly aboard that same ship at the end of Epi 3 when a mind wipe is ordered on him… he may have no memories of ever being OFF that ship in the intervening 20 years between Epi 3 and 4.

I just don’t get the C3PO confusion. I don’t think he’s “misunderstanding” which ship they just left. I think the dialogue just shows that he’s a blabbermouth who can’t shut the hell up. He’s chit-chatting and making banal small talk as they make a desperate escape.

I similar thing happened to me and my brother. During a showing of “The Sound of Music” in the local movie theater(this was back in the old days before such movies were shown on TV) the power went out for about half an hour. So as not to disrupt the consequent showings, they simply ended the movie after the wedding. :eek:

Zorro, the Gay Blade
Saw the movie when it first came out, as I was a big zorro / swashbuckling fan. I was in single-digit age at the time…
Flash-forward over two and a half decades later, and I finally see it again. Wow. The jokes I missed out on completely…

Many years ago, I saw someone on TV (Walt Disney?) explaining animation as a sequence of drawings. My first thought was “They must be able to draw really well to do those movies that look just like they have real people in them!” I don’t know how much later it was that actual photography entered my mind.

I saw Back to the Future, Part II when I was pretty young. Afterward, I thought all sports almanacs told the outcomes of future sporting events.

Actually, a lot of that movie went right over my head. When Part 2 Marty came running down the street after 1955 Doc sent Part 1 Marty back to 1985, I was like :confused:. I think I just liked the hoverboards.