Funny thing happened while making my lunch today...

Last week when I was grocery shopping, I knew I was out of baggies. Personally, I hate the flip-over sandwich bags, and just go with the cheapo generic ziplock bags. Plus, you can use them to marinate single chicken breasts, so it’s not a complete luxury. So, I got a package of 50 generic ziplock sandwich bags.

Or so I thought. Apparently, I purchased 50 generic ziplock snack bags.

“What’s the difference between snack bags and sandwich bags, Munch?”

Well, let me tell you. They are actually very much identical, except for one fatal flaw. Snack bags are 1/2 the size. So, if you make a sandwich, and desire to put into storage for later consumption, you either have to eat 2/3 of the sandwich, or cut it into thirds, and put each sandwich portion into their own separate storage facilities. In other words, when I go to lunch today, it will look like I’m at my own private cocktail party, complete with finger foods. I had to cut my brownie into a 1/2" x 4" piece to fit, and frankly, it looks ridiculous.

I couldn’t even put potato chips in my lunch, because they wouldn’t FIT! The picture on the 50 generic ziplock snack bags seem to dictate that if I want a crunchy potato side dish, I’m either going to have to opt for either pretzels (the small, bite size kind), or Gardettos. Neither of which are potato in nature.

I don’t want to waste these things, but it really is ridiculous to have to pull out 5 separate bags containing 1 whole sandwich and a decent amount of snack food. Any suggestions/comments/criticisms? Maybe I’ll just send these to Martha Stewart. She can find a use for anything.

Hey Munch, I did the exact same thing about 6 months ago and I still have almost all of the suckers left. Once I put M and M’s in them and snuck them into the movies. I think they would be perfect if you happened to cut off your pinky finger and needed to carry it to the ER. Or maybe you could send them to Coldfire, and he could put magical stuff into them and bring them to LA for all the Dopers???

That’s exactly what they’re for! It didn’t even cross my mind. These are dime bags!

Bummer on the minibags, but I find them useful for many things: sewing supplies, beads, pen and pencil storage, ink bottles prone to leakage, pen nibs, and other crafty type things, as well as practical stuff.

They are a pain when you pull one out of the box (not having looked at the box) and end up with the mutant half-bag. And trying to put them back in the box, eh.

What’s a Gardetto?

Gardetto’s makes snack mixes. Their website is down right now, though.

I’ve got a bunch that I use to pack toiletries in when I travel (Grav’s handy-dandy motto for the day: “You never know when there’ll be a boating accident!”) which has saved my bacon once or twice. Not that I pack bacon when I travel. Except camping. But that’s different.

I also use them to sort things, and I use them as ingredient bags for when I’m cutting things up in advance for a dinner when I’ll have folks over.

And if you ever need to marinate a fish stick, now you’re covered.

Get a 6-year-old daughter, like I have. You’ll end up with Barbies and her infernal accessories out the wazoo. The mutant bag is the perfect size.

If you’re a carrot stick man, you can still employ them for lunches occasionally.

Munch, eating snack chips, for lunch. That’s kinda funny (only to me I am sure).

I guess Im lost on this one but it seems like they are snack bags so why not use them for snacks? Buy sandwich bags and use them for sandwiches. VIOLA! Problem solved.
Or were you looking for something more creative?

Because of the OP, I had to go eat a brownie. Munch I hope you can live with the guilt. You made me eat a snack food that, while I enjoyed it greatly, did not plan to consume. It’s all your fault.

Anyway, no real clue what to do with your little bags. Mom keeps them so Soupo can have “traveling food”, little snacks in the car to sustain him for the 10 minute ride home. You could buy the great big bag of M&M’s and put them in the little bags to enjoy throughout the day.

You could also have a thermos full of Rusty Nails (the drink, not the building supply) to complete the cocktail party theme. Every one will think you’re even cooler than they do now.
-(easily swayed towards snack food binges)Rue.

Those little snack bags are just right for holding bearings, (drum) brake hardware, cotter pins and suchlike when you’re doing a brake job.

You can seal the little springs, caps, etc. up in a bag, set them inside the overturned wheel cover, and not worry about the %&*^#%ing little bits of hardware flying all over the place when you step on the edge of the wheel cover and send all the stuff flying. :slight_smile:

They’re also great for keeping things like fuses, bulbs, touch-up paint, little teeny bungee cords, etc. clean and dry inside the emergency kit in your trunk. You all do have proper emergency kits in your trunks, don’t you?

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down,


Forget buying the bags. I either use Glad Wrap or foil. Never have had a problem with the wrong size.

OOPS! READ the thread first, THEN post.

OK. I’ve found those snack size bags are great for portion control, especially for peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. One snack size bag equals one serving, rather than one very large bag equalling one serving.

It’s my visual mentality – I eat until the bag is empty. If it’s a small bag, I’m better off.

They’re also great for carrot stix, celery stix, etc. for lunches.

Great replies.

Yes, but only ONE fish stick.

Originally posted by Rue DeDay
Every one will think you’re even cooler than they do now.


I’m afraid that zero times any number is still zero. But thanks!

Originally posted by Zappo
touch-up paint, little teeny bungee cords


Unless by “touch-up paint” you mean “White-out”, and by “bungee cords” you mean “rubber bands”. But office supplies is another great idea!

Oh dear.

Munch, my dear, have you signed up for White Elephant 2? For packaging or as a present, or both, they’d be perfect!

I’d blame beckwall similarly, but I don’t think that’s allowed on the boards. :slight_smile:

I too had the exact same thing happen to me. I still have most of my snack bags, although I have found a few household, mostly non-food items which can be conveniently stored in them. But I’ve primarily used them for [sub][sup](I can’t believe I’m posting this, and I don’t think it applies to Munch) feminine hygiene products.[/sup][/sub]

I agree that they would be perfect for the White Elephant swap (the snack bags, not the [sub][sup]feminine hygiene products.)[/sub][/sup]

O.K., I’m shutting up now.

you know, I was a little concerned at suggesting my first thought: “Hmm, thos’d sound perfect for keeping fingers in”. Lo and behold, very first response suggests the very same thing, although to be fair, that post mentioned ACCIDENTALLY severed fingers. NOT a finger collection.

As to obtaining a six-year-old child, so as to have a purpose for the bags, for snacks and such, well, that creates it’s own set of problems. Then you’d probably also have to buy crayons for the kid, and become a responsible parental figure, and not eat cereal out of a frisbee with an oatmeal spoon, and, and, AND…OH GEEZ!!! THE PRESSURE!!! I SAID DADDY DOESN’T WANT TO TAKE YOU TO THE FREAKIN’ ZOO!

Just go buy the regular bags.

Take the snack bags to work, secretly leave them on a co-workers desk with a sticky bearing a cryptic memo on it, and watch them try and figure what the heck they’ve received them for.

Hold on to them for slightly under two months–then put some mini-candybars/gum/hard candy/etc. in each one and pass them out to Trick-or-Treaters.

buh-buh-buh-BACON!!, you are seriously demented. Stick around, will’ya?

That’s really all I had to say.