A question for all you women out there.

As I come into middle age, I’ve come to accept some facts about women. Usually, when I have a question for the XX chromies, I handle it in one of two ways:

1.) Analyze the situation from data collected by long and tedious observation (which can sometimes get you slapped)

2.) Accept it as a natural thing and gradually let it slip from your mind until you don’t even notice it (which can also sometimes get you slapped)

But there has been a question about women that has bugged me since I was 16, when I first joined the workforce. It’s been the one consistant thing I’ve noticed about all women at one time or another, ad I’ beginning to think there’s some type of strange unified mathematical theorum behind it. I’m pretty sure ths happens at all work establishments, so guys, keep a look out. Chances are you’ve noticed it already.

So girls, I ask you:


Dammit, I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s usually about 2in to the left of the Aquafina bottle. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one of you girls ever eat one, but for some reason they seem to be justas important to the feminine reportoir as tampons.

And they taste like ass! There’s nothing worse than seeing your co-worker in the morning come to her cubicle/desk/whatever while you’re sipping on your coffee, her chirping merrily “I brought snacks! I’ll share if you want some!” and walking over expecting to find a Zebra Cake or some beef jerky…and it’s a forlorn sack of stale cheeto-in-a-bisuit! Those damned things taste like they were rolled in piss and vinegar and dipped in tang!

Where do they come from? I’ve dated girls whom I know have brought them to work and yet in their apartment they’re nowhere to be found! Is it the same bag over and over? Do several girls share a bag and pass it around from day to day in order to throw us off? WHERE’S THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING?! WHY THE ZIPLOCK EVERYTIME?!

:dubious: :mad: :confused:

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Re: the orange crackers, my guess is most chicks are still into the low fat thing and the cheese crackers come in a low fat version.

I’m guilty of the Ziploc bag thing in class, though I don’t do the cheese crackers. I prefer peanut M&Ms or maybe some macadamias :slight_smile:

As far as why the Ziploc and not the original packaging, I don’t know. Well, the macadamias come in a can so it’s just easier to dump some in a plastic bag and go. But the M&Ms already come in a bag …

shrug Dunno.

I never did this until I got toddlers. Now I always have Ziplocks with crackers and raisins–but I don’t eat them myself, and I hate cheese crackers. Yuck.

So, I guess I can’t explain, and this post is pointless. Sorry.

Personally, I’ve never seen someone with a Ziplock bag of orange crackers.

I am, however, one of those females that will carry a snack in a Ziplock baggie. Why? Because I usually just want a small amount, and I want something I can reclose so it doesn’t end up all over my bag. I’m not about to drag an entire box of Cinnamon Life to class!

<< Object-oriented COBOL: ADD ONE TO COBOL. >>

I went on a LONG driving trip this summer. When I was about to leave, my wife said: “I have something for you to take with you”. You guessed it, orange crackers in a plastic bag. I went to see my father at his house in Texas. When I was about to leave, my step-sister said, I have something for you… Well, you know the rest.

Olympic games related :Just watching womens gymnastics preformance and right now they show Catalina Ponor of Romania, well she is in my opinnion very beautifull maybe the preetiest of all the women at Olympics. Very ,very hot indeed. :smiley:

But, I ask you, does she have the requisite ziplock of orange crackers?


Uhhmmm, I’m not much into crackers, orange or otherwise. Chocolate now, that’s the phenylethylalamine. Which supposedly has the same chemical makeup as being “in love” and is allegedly why women turn to it when they’re blue.

Orange crackers? Hmmm ,nope never.

About the orange crackers. Yeah. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.
Just step away from the baggie, and everything will be all right. Trust me.

Well, are they skinny high strung types, perchance?

Myself, I almost always have some sort of snack food in my bag.
Cereal bars, months old, mashed flat.
Ziplock with, sorry, no orange crackers, but nuts, cookies, granola, trail mix, each of these have spent time in my bag.

It’s a habit I have, and clearly I am not alone. As it happens, I have the metabolism of a squirrel. I need food, regularly.
No, really, regularly. Sure lots of times theres plenty of snacking available at hand. But there are times when it’s not so.

I do it as something of a service to the rest of the world, as being deprived of food tends to make me a tad, shall we say, cranky? Worse than a small child, I swear.

Trains break down, cars run out of gas, people are often late for dinner, I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Also anyone who regularly takes medication may keep cookies or such on hand to meet the ‘take with food’ restriction. I find if I don’t have a drink I can always choke back a tablet with a cracker.

Of course I can’t speak for anyone else.

I should give you my moms number. She’d know. heh heh

I don’t even know what the hell you’re talking about? Orange crackers? What are they? :confused:

Those orange crackers are icky. I prefer animal crackers in my Ziploc bags.

BTW, Filthy Beast of Meat and Hair, your username is unspeakably wonderful.

Like ruadh, I haven’t a clue. At first I thought these must be crackers that are orange-flavoured. Then I thought perhaps "orange " describes the colour. Can’t help you, but in general, all snacks are fun. :slight_smile:

Hmm, does this ignorance mean I cannot really be a woman, or is it OK if it turns out to be a non-UK and non-Irish foodstuff?

I believe that the crackers are orange-colored, “cheez”-flavored horrors.

aha! I think I get the idea - like the Ritz crackers with a fake cheese flavouring? Hmm - never thougt of carrying them about as portable food in a Ziploc bag.

I think the OP might just have backfired in my case!:slight_smile:

Bingo. I couldn’t have described them better.

SEE?! There IS something going on here with these things! You poor, poor soul.

Oh, and thank you, Harimad-sol! Hope to see charter member under that name of yours soon.

Cheez-its! We carry them in small Zip-loc bags because otherwise we would eat the entire box in one sitting. Don’t like them? Good! More for me then!

Okay, I’m laughing pretty hard at this thread. It’s true. I see them all over the place where I work. I’ve never seen anyone eat from them. I’m almost positive they’re not really food–they’re probably something like plastic fruit. Maybe there’s some sort of interior decoration ethic going on here?