It's the little things that bug us most

We’ve done this before, but I feel it’s time again to share those little, pointless things that drive you bat crap crazy. Mine, as I was reminded this morning:

A new roll of toilet paper where the first sheet is glued so tightly to the roll that it has to basically be shredded in order to get the roll started. Come on, TP industry - Industrial strength paper epoxy is really not necessary. Or at least be truthful in your packaging - “1,000 sheets! (Of course, you will destroy 1-2 just fighting the glue to get the roll started, so really 998 sheets. Actually, we used the same glue to affix the last 4-5 sheets to the tube, so call it 993 sheets.)”.

On the subject of toilet paper, the infuriating brands that won’t tear on the perforations. You pull on it every direction possible, and it still rips raggedly across the sheet. I think they print the perforations on just to fuck with me.

That’s funny. I put on a new roll today and could not find the beginning and ruined it.

Reminds me of the premise of a sci fi story, which is both clever/insightful and absurd at the same time.

A scientist notes, like everyone else has, that stuff never seems actually rip along the perforations. But, he is a scientist and decides to get to the bottom of it.

He discovers that perforations aren’t empty. They are filled with something. And that something is very strong. And he manages to isolate that material and make rockets or fancy airplanes or something.

I know food safety is a big deal, but doggone, why is it so difficult to open boxes of just about anything? I struggle with dog biscuits, pasta, some crackers, and even non-food boxes.

Last night, I tried to open a box of mac-n-cheese - I’m pretty sure the Hope Diamond would have been secure in that box! It’s just elbow macaroni, fercryinoutloud!!!

Speaking of food safety (sort of) why is it necessary to put safety seals on non-consumables? For example I buy a jug of washer fluid at the gas station, go to fill my reservoir, and the jug has a safety seal. I have to use a pen or car key to poke through it. Seems completely unnecessary to me.

Maybe to keep stupid people from opening the jug and trying to drink it??

If something like that leaks, it can potentially ruin a whole bunch of stuff.

Semi-related to OP, I hate when fast food joints use super cheap napkins that practically dissolve on contact with your hands. They are not suitable for actually wiping anything off so you have to use a dozen of them and your hands still don’t feel clean. Seems to offset any savings from using cheap napkins in the first place…

Well, along the food opening theme: it’s 2016 and we’re still tearing open cereal bags like we’re monkeys. Why aren’t zip lock tops the norm for every kind of food bag now? (I know, I know: cost. But still!)

Well, I’ve noticed that on products that ARE using ziplock bags, they’re of such cheap quality that you can’t actually zip them shut again after you open them. Dasuquin, I’m looking at you! :mad:

That’s the key. A good seal can expand the range of places that can sell it. I read somewhere that motor oil was switched to plastic bottles so it could be sold in grocery stores.

Per Heinlein: “The answer to any question starting ‘Why don’t they’ is always ‘Money’.”

I know they know better, but when I see to in place of the adverb too, it bugs the hell out of me.

You two?

Just because the food network told us about peeling a eating broccoli stalks does not mean that I not want to start paying for and eating broccoli stalks. Please just sell me the crown like you used to.

No monkeys in my house! We cut the bags open with scissors and clip them closed with clothespins.

I shall now sit here and feel all smug and superior for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another peeve of mine involves those plastic thingies that are poked thru fabric and tags to hold them together. They’re either so tight that trying to cut them without cutting the product can be a challenge, or the end is lodged in a seam, only to be found when it scratches you at inopportune moments. And even if you manage to cut them successfully, one or both ends are virtually invisible, not to be seen for days or more!

Your funny.

More on perforations - bills that have them for the return portion, but of course have been folded just above that so when you go to tear it off, you’re actually tearing it on the fold, which doesn’t fit in the envelope. So frustrating.

I use bill pay at home, although I frequently still try to tear that section off, so I know I’ve paid it. But at work, we have to pay by check.

Restaurants that jam so many napkins into the table-top napkin holders that it’s almost impossible to get them out.