A Consumer WTF Moment

Ever had a moment when you have bought something (or are looking at something) and something about the product is so puzzling you just have to go, WTF?

The other day I bought a new package of underwear. So far, mundane beyond belief, right? I get home and open the package and notice it’s got one of those resealable openings. Not only that, but as I look closer at the packaging, it’s actually advertised on the bag itself: “RESEALABLE BAG” It’s a selling point, apparently. I know the trend the last few years has been to put lunch meat and cheese slices in resealable bags, but underwear? WTF? What possible reason could they have for doing this and who actually considers this an important feature?

No, scratch that. The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to know!

So, what’s your consumer WTF moment?

So you want your underwear to go stale? That’s just disturbing! :smiley:

The can cat food I buy (9 lives), has (picture) directions on how to open it.

It a freaking pull tab can! FCOL!

I’m sorry, but if you’re so stupid you need picture directions on how to open a can of cat food; you have NO business owning a cat.
Also, (and I know this one is probably trite) I bought a pair of scissors once. On the back of the package they too gave piture directions on how to open it. And as you may have guessed; they tell you to open it with a pair of scissors!

:rolleyes: times infinity.

Actually, I think I have a serious answer for this. I work in retail, and you’d be amazed at how many people rip open bags of underwear in the store, for whatever reason (I don’t want to know). When it’s obvious that the pack is easily opened and closed, it can cut way down on the number of packages that need to be re-wrapped and marked down.

Me: Excuse me sir, do you know if this underwear has been returned?

Clerk: I guess we’ll never know now will we. :wink:

:eek: :eek: :eek:

That is an advantage for the store, but not for the consumer. So I don’t think that is the reason, otherwise they wouldn’t bother to advertise that it’s ‘RE-SEALABLE’.

In fact, now that I think about it, a re-sealable package would be a negative selling point. Most people wouldn’t buy a package of underwear that has obviously been opened. What if some moron tried them on and put them back? With a re-sealable package, you can’t be sure.

So it makes it even more perplexing why they would go the trouble of advertising it as being re-sealable.

Perhaps it’s “Tupper-wear.”

That might not be a bad idea. That way, if your SO wonders about that sound that came out of your pants, you can tell them, “No, I was just burping the seal on my shorts.”

I bought a package of socks the other day in a resealable bag. Seemed strange to me also.

I should point out that even if the bag is resealable, you can still tell if it has been opened. You need to tear off the top part of the plastic bag above the ziplock in order to open it the first time.

I could find a use for it as a small “dirty laundry” bag when traveling. Don’t really like to put dirty clothes (esp. underwear) in with clean. This would keep em nice and seperated w/o taking up too much room

Still, not so pressing a need as to make it a huge selling point.
My consumer WTF was reinforced this morning. My 2-pack of pop-tarts has directions on them. Not only that, but it has microwave directions too. 3 seconds (I kid you not) on high. For those mornings when you just can’t spare the 60 seconds needed to toast them.

Things that come with instructions:
pre-moistened towelettes, and
stick incense (not incense on a stick).

I remember thinking that if you needed instructions for the incense you probably shouldn’t be touching the matches.

My husband is that guy. He is very particular about his underwear. There has to be the correct amount of stretch in the leg openings, the waistband must be just so, and there must be minimal seams. He has a hard time with seams. Plus, you need to view the whole picture to see if the fit is even in the right “ballpark” so to speak.

I bought a Kit-Kat bar from a vending machine once that had instructions on how to open the wrapper. I’m pretty sure opening candy bar wrappers is, like, the third thing small children learn how to do, right after breathing and eye-focusing.

Some people (such as myself) don’t have toasters but do have microwaves.

Granted, I don’t think that you really need directions - if you’re old enough to open the package and read, then you ought to be able to figure it out.

Actually, I would’ve nuked 'em for far longer than 3 seconds, and ended up with molten Pop-Tart. 30 Seconds is too long, huh?

I found instructions on toilet paper recently. Wish I could remember what brand.

The instruction must be for the cat.

Once they can open their own food, they will do away with us.

Well, you never know when a bear might decide that the woods ain’t good enough any more. And when a bear decides to use your restroom, there had better be instructions!

The dog has figured out how to open cat food cans left in a sack on the floor.
The cat can open kitchen cabinets.
If they form some sort of agreement, I’m screwed.

My hex-key, aka alan wrench set is held together by a hex head bolt. No chance of taking that baby apart.

I don’t know about others, but I certainly don’t need instructions.

A while ago I bought a “Hundred Percent Bread”.
Then the lady behind the counter explained how the bread got its name.
The flour is 80% rye plus 20% wheat, 100% total.
I almost wanted to cry.