Hanes is up to something. But what?

I wear Hanes boxer briefs. However I recently sent them this email.

to which they replied

I called the number and of course 'all operators are busy. Please call later. You can’t even wait on hold for hours for the next one. Clearly, they want me to just go away. The secret use of the resealable bag is something I was not ment to know.

So I turn to the Dope.

What use is a resealable two pack of boxer briefs?

What are they up to?

If the packs weren’t resealable, the stores would have to repackage the briefs every time a customer took them into the changing room and found out that they were the wrong size.

Alternatively, it may be that Hanes knows how often Inspector 8 forgets to put that annoying sticky dot on the briefs, and made it so she could go back later and put it on the briefs she forgot to fondle.

Either way, I’d wash before wearing.

Men don’t try on underware. It’s like buying Porn. You have to buy several other items and sneak the underware in there and hope the checkout girl doesn’t notice.

And I dont’ think Target even has men’s dressing rooms.

The package is like those package of pre-shreded cheese. You have to rip them open, but then you can reseal them. The ‘saftey seal’ is in place.

That’s a futile effort. While waiting for my wife to finish shopping, I like to pass the hours (days?) by opening the packages and swapping the inspector tags. It’s actually Inspector 12 that forgets the dots, but thanks to me Inspector 8 gets the blame.

I’m also the reason that fortune cookies are now individually wrapped, but that’s another story.

I hope people aren’t going around trying on underwear (or that the stores do nothing but repakage them.) ick.

But then I have taken packaged clothes out of the package in the store just get a good look at them. In which the store would have to repackage them (as I wouldn’t do it properly according to them.) So it makes sense to me.

Ick. I was mostly joking, but brought this up at work lunch only to get “well, if you don’t try them on, how do you know they fit?” from a(n apparently serious) cow-orker.


If you really want to oogy your co-workers in the break room, bring your lunch in one of those resealable underwear bags. Better yet, make cookies and bring 'em in in one of those resealable underwear bags. Unwanted company at home? Offer to make 'em a sammich then take out the roast beef you placed in one of those resealable underwear bags. The possibilities are endless!

The bag is resealable for regifting purposes.

It’s for the stores. Items like that get opened a lot by customers who want to see them better, feel the fabric, hold them up, etc. (even though most don’t go as far as to try them on!) This way they can be repackaged by the store to sell instead of having the package ruined (no one wants to buy the opened pack of underwear.)

Tube socks and t-shirts are often packaged that way too for the same reason.

While most people don’t try on underwear (normal people, anyway) a lot of parents will rip open packages and hold the clothing items up to their darlings, and a lot of men and women will do the same thing. The zipper, I think, is so that retail employees (I’m a former one) can re-seal the bags with a minimum of hassel.

They haven’t been worn, most likely, if you get them opened and sealed with the zipper, but I’d still give 'em a wash because they might have been on the floor at one point.


That’s nothing! I work in a hospital. I freaked out my family once by bringing snacks to a party in a (clean, unsused!) bright orange biohazard bag.

But an underwear bag? That’s just gross, people. :slight_smile:

swampy, I think we were twins in a past life. Or…something like that. This post alone makes me want to go buy some resealable Hanes.

I called their 800 number again and she had no idea why it is packaged this way. All she would say was


You could always use it to reseal your dirty undies in your suitcase on vacation so they’re not floating around with your clean clothes.

What am I saying??? No guy is ever going to do that.

Ok, I so want one of those biohazard bags to wrap Christmas presents in.

Heh. The labs where I worked would bring the styrofoam boxes to a central recycling area and I often thought about packaging up a birthday gift in one of the BIOHAZARD, RADIOACTIVE, DRY ICE boxes.

I work with a Goth girl, or so she calls herself. In preparation for a party several weeks ago, she wore one of those bags over her skirt—the bag was suitably cut for the purpose and the biohazard warning was prominently on display.

Nobody at the store I work at bothers to open the openable bags, they rip them open instead. Maybe it’s supposed to make it easier to check out the merchandise before you buy it but at least where I work it makes absolutely no difference.

And nobody gets to try on underwear. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

“Nobody” means the customers. If I have to get into a bag, even if it’s been ripped, I will open it the way God (or Hanes or Fruit of the Loom) intended – without destroying it.

But I’m not going to take a bag with a photo of a really good looking guy, who is wearing my undies, with me when I travel. My suitcases have compartments for this anyway.