A question for all you women out there.

Ah, just like the little fish-shaped soaps women love to put in the bathroom. It’s soap and it’s right by the sink, but you’re not supposed to wash your hands with them.

After a trip to Sam’s Club with the wife we came home with a whole lotta snacks.
I never actaully saw her purchase the zip lock baggies.
However, later that day I went to the kitchen to find a snack.
I opened the cabinet to find that she had opened all our snacks and divided them all into individual zip lock baggies and organized them neatly on the shelves.
I swear I started to hear the Twilight Zone theme. I half expected for the room to turn black and white and when I turned i’d find Rod Serling standing in the doorway. Maybe he could explain it to me??

I have never, in my life, ever had a baggie of orange crackers in my purse, in my office, or anywhere near my person, in any way, shape or form.

I do, however, usually pack a banana. You never know when you’ll need a zing of potassium. :slight_smile:

Don’t like them?! Jesus tits, man, it’s like spreading vapor rub on porcupine and telling me it’s a poptart! Tasty treat, indeed!

Payday approaches, and with it, Charter Member status.

Ugh no, NOT like Ritz. The OP has this right. They are truly ICKY tasting things. I am truly a woman, but I’m perplexed as to the orange flavored cracker thing. I was going to guess it was for young kids. We moms carry lots of “kid stuff” in our purses.

I think (and I could of course be wrong) that you’ll find FAR more women with chocolate fetish than a cheezit one.

Yes, kids love cheez-its. And I think they taste better than most variety crackers. (Ritz are better, but they beat Chicken-in-a-Bisquit all hollow.)

I think they’re meant to keep you on a diet. You know, you can’t go get a candy bar from the machine because you brought the cheez-its. You have to eat the cheez-its first. And you really don’t feel like eating the cheez-its, so you wait until lunch or dinner.

I usually bring cheerios in the plastic bag (I’m not organized enough to always have zip-locks - zip-locks are an icon of organization and thrift) and I usually eat them. I also eat the carrot and celery sticks and the apple slices. And sometimes I still go get the damned candy bar from the machine. And a coke.

Dieting isn’t pretty.

To recap: cheez-its in a zip-lock bag are symbols of organization and self-control. Think of them as amulets against chaos and cellulite. And if they are being handed out, they are also symbols of concern for loved ones and, just possibly, also symbols of the power of a woman’s organization and self-control over the loved ones about whom she is concerned.

Beware women bearing zip-lock bags of cheez-its. They are organizing their concern for you.

Maybe the women just don’t eat them around YOU. A lot of women have issues with eating in front of people because they think others will imagine them as fat if they’re seen eating all the time.

When I was younger, I used to just pick at food in front of a boyfriend of mine, even though I was barely a nudge over 100 pounds. They all thought I was anorexic. What they didn’t know was that when he wasn’t around, I’d take out marshmallow pies I had hidden in my suitcase and eat them in the bathroom!

Yeah, it makes no sense to me now. And when I go out with my SO now I order buckets of chicken wings and am CONSTANTLY pigging out. I have crazy metabolism that allows me to eat whatever I want and weigh the same as I did when I was 13.

Not all women are so lucky though. Hence the eating baggies of weird low-fat little cheese crackers. Maybe it’s part of the Atkins Diet or something? I wouldn’t know anything about diets.

Perhaps the crackers help with combatting low blood sugar.

Part of the thrift component is taking the zip-lock bags home and carefully washing them in the sink and air-drying to use again.

I put mostly baby-cut carrots in mine, but also crackers, fruits and occasionally makeup.

This has got to be taken by someone as a sig line. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some guys take it as a good sign. If she has a bag o’ crackers instead of a bag o’ Cheerios, she has no baby-size children at home.

One young mother added a printed label to her bag o’ Cheerios, and it started an urban legend. It said “Donut Tree Seeds,” and it had detailed instructions for planting. For glazed donuts, for example, add a 5 pound bag of sugar for each seed.

With all due respect, you suck. :smiley:

That is my theory as well. As for why ziplocs instead of the origional packaging: ziplocks don’t make that crinkling noise that the cracker bag does. In class or an office, you don’t always want to advertise that you are eating.

welfy, I did that too! And I don’t know why either. I was anxious a lot of the time (my younger self’s taste in men was rather frightening), and that tends to kill my appetite, but I would do this when eating with normal, healthy men too. shrug

What’s with the Cheez-It hatred? Cheez-Its are the most wonderful food in existence. I live on the damn things.

But Cheez-Nips - they’re like the devil’s perverted, evil form of Cheez-Its. Lucifer provides them in little bowls on the end tables of hell in order to make your suffering that much worse.

Hmmmm…this thread just can’t die. It’s funny that it recently got pulled back up, because I finally asked one of the girls at work the other day about them. She stared blankly at me for a minute, and then she asked with a desperate kind of hope in her voice “Why? Would you like some?”

This kind of spooked me, as when she said it she had the look of a mental patient on her face expecting every person who walks in to be a visitor for them, bet then never are.


If anyone wants it, snap it up!

It’s a good thing I swallowed that mouthful of diet coke before reading this, or I’d have just ruined a perfectly good keyboard.

I’m not going to ask. I’m not going to ask. I’m not going to ask. I’m not going to ask…

I used to take ziploc bags of cheez-its to work.


I was broke, and my boyfriend loves cheez-its to the point that we’ve always got some around the house. He won’t notice if I just sneak out a handful or two (but he’d certainly know if I took the whole box) and they provided something to fortify my lunch of PB&J.

And they’re yummy.

Usually I save myself the trouble of the ziploc baggie and just buy a box of the prepackaged “snack size” Cheese Its. I like them (although Goldfish are better). My ziploc baggie has carrots in it (I guess I have a thing for orange food :rolleyes: )

It’s better for me than chips or candy out of the vending machine, right?