funny words

my boyfriend and i use the term “booj” to talk about sleep, real sleep without sex. we call it the booj (pronounced booooo-zh) room, our booj clothes, time for booj.

also anytime we see something unusual/scary/unexpected, we shout “fire flame!” to each other. fire flame is an explanation used when you can’t remember what happened, i.e.:
me - what happened to your arm?
him - there was a mole on it, and they removed it when i was
me - how’d they do it?
him - they used fire flame
it also describes the big O that we (or at least one of us) has during sex, although it is not to be shouted out at the time of climax. that would be poor etiquette.

meant to link this to other post of similar nature. may fire flame strike me dead!

Flame missed you, hit thread.
Thread dead.