Fury at liars

I’m going to be vague here, since this is a real life situation and since I don’t want the details out in the open. I simply want to vent. It isn’t about anyone on this board (it’s work related).

Basically, it’s about people who deliberately lie to cover their asses, and who do so knowing that their lies will go over the heads of most of the (2 dozen) people they carbon copied on the email detailing their deliberate lies. To the folks who did this, knowing that the high level officials and supervisors you were carbon copying your lies to wouldn’t have a clue what the actual issue was, but instead simply see the tone and (your) outrage, I just have this to say…your mama was a hamster, and your daddy smelled of elderberries. I fart in your general direction, you disgrace to the industry hacks. Take ‘Network Engineer’ from your titles, and instead put ‘Lying Assholes’ instead, since that’s closer to the truth.

The one bright, shinning part of all of this is that my boss IS quite technical…and, after dispassionately assembling the facts herself and assuring herself that she DID have all the facts straight proceeded to cut you all off at the knees. And in an email to everyone YOU chose to carbon copy your horseshit too. :stuck_out_tongue: And your ploy to try and skate your lies past all those officials and supervisors didn’t really work out so well either, since MY original explanation wasn’t nearly as far over their heads as you apparently thought it was, so you’ve basically managed to both reinforce your image as fuckups AND provide new data showing you are as well. Overall, it turned out pretty well from where I’m sitting, even if you had my blood pressure up most of the day over this whole bullshit issue…and even though the actual customer, who desperately needs this system to be working still doesn’t have a working system. But I’ll fix that, just like I fixed it the last time, and despite the fact that it’s YOUR (fucked up) system, designed by you, with your special snowflake setup. Ironically, what this has done is to show that the credit you guys took when we got this system up and working and I fixed it in the past really should have gone to me, because, you see, if YOU knew what the fuck you were doing you wouldn’t need me to fix it for you. Idiots.

In closing, I just wanted to say fuck you very much…and also, thank you, because this has really put a spotlight on something that has been a problem for a while. That you actually took it up the ass by your own actions and probably caused irreparable damage to what little cred you still had just makes it all the sweeter from my perspective.

So… it all turned out for the best for you, and all you suffered was a few hours of angst and upset.

Not seein’ the rage here, really. I mean if I ever, ever had an issue turn out the way this did for you, I would be over the moon happy about it.

More like sneak bragging, maybe?

I’ve had bosses with clues, and bosses without a clue, and the former are much better. Glad you have a boss with a brain. Enjoy what sounds like a victory.

So, if I sent out an email to all of the director level and higher people in your organization accusing you of being incompetent and deliberately withholding aid to a key organization on what is a public safety (the magic word) issue, that would simply cause you to suffer a few hours of angst and be a tad upset? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, you are a calmer person than I am.

Can you loan me your crystal ball? I could have used it this morning, especially when my boss launched her own investigation of this issue and the possibility of my job and my reputation were on the line. Like I said, you are a calmer person than I am if this wouldn’t make you angry, even if it did turn out ok in the end.

The thread wasn’t really for you, but for me to vent. If you want to think it’s ‘sneak bragging’, and if that make you feel happy, or superior or whatever good feelings it makes you feel then we both come out ahead. I got to vent, and you got to speculate about my possible motives and feel smug that you wouldn’t have gotten nearly as angry or worked up over so minor an issue. :wink:

It’s nice to have a boss that both has a clue and is willing to go to the wall not only with her peers but with her superiors over something as potentially nasty as this could have been (and still might be).


Been there, done that, got several t-shirts.

Good on ya. I’m glad things worked out right in the long run.

The check is in the mail…

Cheese and rice XT, this stuff happens in high school all the time. You shouldn’t let it worry you… wait … <rereads OP> … hey, you’re not in high school, this is real industry. Shame what happened to their cars, right? :wink: <nudge> :wink: :wink:

This kind of shit stinks worse than real shit. I’m glad to hear you didn’t get screwed in the end, but working with people like that turns my stomach. I’m hoping you’ll be recognized more for your value as a result of this, but that should have happened without this kind of rat vomit happening. And even if you get some credit, just having your name associated with this incident is an unjustified negative. Far more than the rage you’ve already demonstrated would be justified.

Had you but substituted ‘millions’ for ‘2 dozen’, I would have assumed you worked as a page in the U.S. House.

I have to deal with crap like this from time to time.

I think what these people are trying to manipulate are people’s desires to ‘be fair’ and ‘see both sides’ and ‘compromise’. When someone is trying to COA, they pick on you to try to share the blame relying on the fact that people want to be thought of this way. Most of my bosses, bless their hearts, have been this way.

The problem with this philosophy is that sometimes one side is 100% WRONG! Or full of shit as XT is ranting about. It’s good to have a boss that doesn’t always try to compromise and sees a 100% wrong position when in front of him.

So glad it turned out well for you. But I want more schadenfreude! Can you tell us more about The Liar? What kind of thing did he say? AND, what’s he doing now? Backpedalling? Pouting? Getting called on the carpet? If he throws a tantrum, we deserve some details (now that we’re emotionally involved).

C’mon, tantrum!