Fury (the movie): Colour of tracers (don't worry - no spoilers in OP)

I saw Fury last night and have a question about the tracer rounds seen frequently during the movie.

A lot of the tracer fire in Fury was green. I had not seen that before (at least in depictions of WWII-era battles). Here is the international trailer. If you go to 1’36" and soon after at 1’47", you’ll see green tracers streaking through the battlefield.

Is that accurate? Were WWII-eraa tracers ever green? (I think they were German, but could have been American.)

The filmmakers probably used surplus Soviet or Chinese ammo.

The Germans used orange, red (most common) yellow (mostly air-air) and white (slightly greenish). Green was tested but found to be difficult to track in fog or mist.
US tracers were red; the British used red and white.

Ah, thanks.

A bit surprising then, since there was supposedly a lot of effort in making the props for the movie historically accurate (things like the weapons, tanks, uniforms and insignias, etc.).

I am pretty sure they didn’t use any ammunition at all for those scenes.

A bit of digging through Google leads me to believe that the tracers from the large caliber, main tank guns would definitely have been green.