Futurama; 6ACV04 " Proposition Infinity" (open spoilers)

I thought it was a pretty good episode. I loved the Despair Nixon poster that
olivesmarch4th mentioned.

The hammer used in the episode was a little heavy but not too bad.

It’s true that the satire was pretty straighforward and they’ve covered this ground before - although there wasn’t really a robot/human relationship in Rebirth; Leela died just as she turned on the Fry robot, so most of the action was between two robots. But this one did feel like an original-run episode, which improves my opinion. You knew what was going to happen to the Hyperchicken as soon as Bender changed the freeway sign to “Free Corn” and I cracked up anyway because the sound effect was perfect. “The truth is often stupid” is also a great line, and so is “When the lights go it, it’s nobody’s business what happens between two consenting adults.” “Or one!” You knew as soon as Bender and Amy got together that it would end in the last few moments of the episode, but in between they used it for some good jokes.

Geoff’s voice is definitely an impression of George Takei. Craig has said so on air at least once.