Futurama; 6ACV04 " Proposition Infinity" (open spoilers)

Tonight’s the episode with Bender having a robosexual relationship with Amy and trying to pass a ballot initiative legalizing human/robot marriage. Which reminds me isn’t Amy still married to Kif? :confused:

It felt like a classic!

Amy is Kif’s fon fon ru… and besides

Reset button!

On the whole it was a strong episode. I was disappointed by the anti-prop infinity ad joke, though. I think they missed an opportunity by having it feature a monogamous, hetero normative family. They should have used a gay family or alien/human family or something along those lines and acted as though that were a normal, traditional relationship. Would have been more interesting and made a better satirical point as well.

I thought it was great. As good as a good (but not great) episode from the original run. It was a relief, frankly.

I liked this one a lot too. Finally an episode that feels like classic Futurama. It got a little preachy towards the end though, so I voted “Liked It” and not “Loved It.”

This episode did a much better job than last week’s in taking something topical and making it make sense in the future. And there were a lot of great gags: the news reporter reporting on his own death (as well as Morbo’s touching eulogy: “I HATED JIM!”), the parody of the “Storm” commercial (especially the line about imagining what the consequences of legalizing robosexual marriage would be, then imagining what they would look like since they couldn’t think of any), Hermes’s bout with clownitis, “the only lies worth believing are the lies in the Bible,” ghost-horse marriage, and the gang trying to capture a tornado, which comically and perfectly shows how wonderfully incompetent the Planet Express crew really is. As Leela herself said, “That went better than I thought it would.”

Zoidberg had a lot of great lines too.

I can’t remember any of them well enough to quote, but they were there.

Sigh…politics again.
Why can’t my cartoons be stupid stories about stupid people in stupid situations? Everything is getting so political nowadays that every show has to “take a stand” on something. I voted that I didn’t like it because I am not a fan of overtly political messages in my TV shows.

That being said. I didn’t hate it because I laughed a lot and thought it was an OK episode for what it was. I just figured I’d take a stand and say didn’t like it.

Yes I’m aware of the irony.

Bender’s love for Amy was completely out of character, and they’ve already done the robosexual thing in past episodes (e.g., Lucy Liu bot and, um, this season’s premiere!). If the writing had been sharper, those things wouldn’t have detracted from this episode as much, but it wasn’t, so they did.

This is the first new episode I’ve been able to catch, and I loved it. Just like old times.

I find Kif delightful and I don’t think I could possibly be happier to find out that he’s related to the sea cucumber. I totally buy Bender as Amy’s rebound. They’re both shallow, self-centered and rather hedonistic. (Speaking of, Hedonism Bot made an appearance in the pride parade!)

‘‘I HATED JIM!’’ was definitely one of the best moments, as was

‘‘BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’’ by an actual ghost.

Oh, the Nixon/DESPAIR poster was also a nice touch.

I thought this was a pretty average episode in relation to the old run, so…thumbs up from me. Even if they never reach the height of the really classic episodes, another few seasons of merely pretty good episodes will be welcome.

I liked it. Bender had some great lines, I liked the Storm parody and hedonism bot is always great (hot dogs!).

I loved George Takei as the moderator for the Prop. Infinity debate between Bender and the Professor.

“OH, MY!”


Nah, he’s perfectly willing to go along with the flow of things, just for the hell of it. Has done so before, and will do so again.

She’s got Metal Fever! DON’T DATE ROBOTS!

And as Bender has noted; Amy’s rich, she’s probably got other charactertistics…

And I know they wouldn’t form a traditional family like the lesbian coven across the street…
It was okay.

Holy crap, I had no idea that was based on a real thing. I found it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp76ly2_NoI

Anyone else think he sounded like Late night with Ferguson’s skelton robot?

Seinfeld did it!

I liked Amy’s line about her parents being “evil but at least they’re stupid”…

So are Fry and Leela officially not dating now? And when did Kif and Amy get back together? He had left her after she slept with his Captain last I remember…

They very first episode of Futurama made a “Robosexuals” joke, this one just seemed a little lame. However, it’s the side jokes that have been saving these new episodes for me, so far. Susan Boil singing amazing grace, and Hermes’ “Clownitis,” to name a few.

“Children of all ages.” :smiley:

The only good thing about that was the storm commercial parody. Otherwise it just felt like a remake of the Lucy Liu-bot episode. Meh.

Likewise. I just caught this episode last night and thought it was “Eh, okay” and didn’t really fit the “world” after the Fry/Liu-Bot episode (“Don’t Date Robots!”).

But then there’s scenes like…

…which remind me of the show I loved.