Futurama; 6ACV05 "The Duh-Vinci Code" (open spoilers)

Not bad, but not great either. It was however much more entertaining than some piece of crap from Dan Brown. I liked the overal design of Planet Vinci. So is the Vatican just a museum now that the Pope lives in outer space or is there still an Earth based Roman Catholic Pope in addition to the Space-Pope?

Any chance it’s online like the first two were? My DVR is verrrryyyy picky when it comes to channels and it doesn’t like Comedy Central.

It just had me laughing all the way. I didn’t erase this from my DVR, I plan to watch it a couple of more times.

Hi, Animatronio! Bye, Annimatonio!

I especially liked it when (spoiler box, even though it’s open spoilers. Not everyone has commented yet.):

Even after losing the first question on “Who Dares To be A Millionaire?” Fry continues to hammer nails with a nail.

Can anyone reveal how it ended? The DVR cut off right when the wheel fell on Leonardo and the Professor said “Oh My”.

That was pretty much it. They went home.

Am I the only one who found Professor Farnsworth’s line hilarious?

‘‘If I have an Achilles heel… it’s because I bought it at that auction of ancient artifacts!’’

I think we’re going to have to start a ‘‘raging brainer’’ meme on SMDB.

ETA: Decided to leave the obvious typo because the ironing is delicious.

Best episode of the reboot so far. I was beginning to wonder if every new episode was going to be a one note satire of some current event. This episode had that unexpected ridiculousness that I had come to love from the original show. Lots of great lines, and some great animation choices (such as Fry stumbling into the fountain). Fry was back to form in this one too, I’ve missed him so far in the reboot. “Hi, Animatronio,” thinking DaVinci was DiCaprio, screwing up sitting down. . . all classic Fry.

Admittedly subjective impression: is Fry acting even dumber than before the reboot? It always seems like someone who starts out as dumb will just get even dumber over a show’s run (c.f. Homer Simpson in Groening’s other vehicle).

Just in this episode, I think, because it was a minor plot point.

Maybe not an all-time classic, but I thought it was a fun, creative episode with some cool animation. The best part might’ve been the idea of making Leonardo an alien, then a stupid alien, and then a stupid alien supervillain bent on revenge who found common ground with the Professor based on their hatred of people who were smarter than they were. The writers did very well at parodying Brown’s horribly expositionary dialogue, and for whatever reason I really liked the name Animatronio.

I already did!

:smiley: perfect!

Also, I love the idea of Morbo hosting a game show. “Prepare for pleasantries!”

I think there was a missed opportunity for jokes regarding how they were stuck in basically a large bell jar on the space ship for a month with no provisions (or waste disposal).

The Space Pope was in the scene where the Planet Express Ship was landing in St. Peter’s Square, first blessing the crowd from the balcony and then using landing paddles to guide the ship down. So I’d assume the Space Pope lives in the Vatican.

Well, there was that bit where Prof. Farnsworth punched Fry in the stomach unsuccessfully and then Fry said something like, ‘‘And you said eating rocks for survival was a bad idea!’’

Sir T-Cups:

Where? Where? (If legal)

“Didn’t we use to be a delivery service?”

Besides all the OBVIOUS problems with living in a bell jar for a month, my SO observed that sitting in dinning room chairs for a month straight would be a tad uncomfortable…

I don’t think it’s possible for Fry to really get dumber, given how an important part of his character is that his brain doesn’t work properly and he’s cobbled together different brain waves to be functional due to the fact that he’s his own grandfather.

Stupid bladder! :smack: I missed that scene.

And just where did he get those rocks?:wink: Just be glad Seth MacFarlane has nothing to do with this show or we’d end up with Fry and the Proffesor eating their own waste onscreen.

I liked Professor Farnsworth

shrieking like a teenage fangirl when he found out that Animatronio had known Da Vinci. It reminded me of how Billy West did the same vocalizations for Stimpy back in the day.