LMAO. Great idea. I’ll have to remember that.

I have sent out Snopes links, and McAffee or other virus infor links regarding the “I may have given you a virus” emails that tell you to delete a necessary Windows program. The last time, I pretty much berated everyone on the list at being so ignorant of their machines as to not check to see if it was a hoax first. I mean, if you’re going to use a computer, could you at least be smart enough to know there are hoaxes out there, and to INFORM YOURSELF before following random instructions from God-knows-where. Oddly, sending out these replies only means I don’t get THAT TYPE of junk mail anymore.

I also have a friend who is a cancer survivor, and she used to LOVE to send me the “Forward this to 34897987 people and Bill Gates will donate a penny to save Timmy’s life!” emails. I finally told her how it was bloody impossible, no matter how much she felt bad for other cancer patients (shes now a nurse in an oncology ward - MUCH more worthwhile than forwarding emails!!)

I would delete them without looking at them, but occasionally they are funny stories, which I delete AFTER. But the "Scroll down and make a wish, but there; s not even a joke with this instruction"emails, which is the one I got, just piss me off. What a waste of time.