Gadgets you bought and are thrilled with

In the companion thread to thisthread - what gadgets did you buy and love?

Well I’m not really a gadget nut, but I’ll vote for the Sony Walkman

And my iphone - changed my life.

My TomTom in-car satnav. It’s the software-only version and runs on an old Dell Axim x51. It does absolutely everything I want from it: tells me where to go, how far’s left (great for planning rest stops and calculating arrival times) and if I miss a turn it’ll get me back on track.

It’s the only gadget I’ve bought that my wife 100% approves of. We used to have v. stressful journeys as my wife is unable to read a map, so used to argue all the time when we missed a turn, but this way we end up with very pleasant trip and we arrive literally on the doorstep of our destination with no hassle.

iPad. I started a new job a could months ago and it’s a 90 minute commute each way. Right now I’m stuck in a traffic jam on the 401 (in a bus) and I don’t care. I can do work, read the dope, watch movies, read a book or listen to music. It’s sanity saving.

I’m a big tool nut, especially rotary tools. I use small hand rotaries almost daily with carbide tips. Then there is the Braun hand mixer with 400 watts. That’s a lot of power in a hand mixer with an exposed blade. I don’t know how that is even allowed, but I love it-carefully. As a result, I have a two lifetime supply of tools now and look for ways to use things up or give them away. The thirteen year old girl child seems headed more toward Facebook than Home Depot with me.

I forgot to add mine. GPS is a big one. I find that here in PA, especially in the cities, the signs are often hard to read, hard to find and I’m often upon them before I realize I have to turn. With GPS I get a good head’s up that it will be time to turn soon.

This is pretty low-level, but it’s a big joke in my household how cool I think this thing is.

It’s a picture frame with rounded corners, about five inches square (I’ve got a treasured photo of my granddaughter in it), but it’s wired to an electrical outlet. The frame is touch-sensitive, and I’ve got a pole lamp next to my favorite easy chair plugged into it. All of this next to a window bench, upon which the picture frame rests.

So instead of fiddling with the lamp’s switch, I just whack the frame, and the lamp turns on. If I decide I want to take a little nap in my chair, I don’t have to reach way up to turn the lamp off…I just whack the frame again. Also, the frame itself is illuminated by a soft blue glow that guides you to it if the room is dark.

I paid about three bucks for this thing as a remainder at a Marc’s grocery store…I’m sure it was more than that originally. It’s repaid my investment in coolness and convenience many times over.

I’ve got a couple…

I have a Garmin hand-held GPS that I use for travel, geocaching, and just playing with. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like a GPS that’s designed for use in the car (IE, a tom-tom, Garmin Nuvi, etc) but it does have a set of maps for North America, and lists major roads, exits and services there, etc.

And I got a bandsaw awhile ago from an ad on craigslist. I haven’t played with it much, but I’m looking forward to using it more soon.

My wife has a Kindle bookreader, and loves it. She’s at the point that one of the absolute requirements of buying a new purse, handbag, etc is that it MUST be big enough to carry this thing.

The Ped Egg. I love it!

Don’t know if this qualifies as a “gadget”, but a couple of years ago I bought a pair of “turkey lifters.” Basically just a pair of really big, really sharp forks. Not needed for many things other than transferring a turkey (or similarly large roast) from a pan to a platter/carving board.

If you cook a turkey or large cuts of meat even once a year, it is nice when you need them to be able to use the exactly correct tool.

I FINALLY got an iPod this year – my wife got me a Nano for my birthday in April. I really like it, especially for downloading podcasts.

I hardly ever listen to music nowadays except when I’m commuting in my car; that’s why it took so long to take the mp3 plunge.

Love my iPhone 4. It replaced my iPod, my cell phone, and my PDA (Palm OS), all three of which I carry everywhere. (It also makes it easier at work for me to deal with keeping my stuff safe when I’m away from my desk - I just put the iPhone into one pocket and my thin wallet into the other, and I’m set.) No reception problems for me - though I put it in a case immediately so maybe that was it - and I went app-crazy.

KitchenAid stand mixer. I don’t do a whole lot of baking, but man, it makes the baking I do much more enjoyable.

So true. Finding your way around Pittsburgh is a nightmare for someone from out of town. I have a handheld Garmin and a Garmin in my Smart phone. Door to door no matter where I travel.

Also. I just LOVE my Acer NetBook. It’s just the perfect size.

I love my Ronco Food Dehydrator. Makes awesome jerky and dried apple chips.

I have the 5th generation iPod nano and I fucking love it. It not only does the typical iPod stuff (music & podcasts) it has a video camera and a radio. It has a voice recorder and a pedometer. It does EVERYTHING. Except connect to the internet, true. But I love it! And it’s really pretty, too. (I got it in green.)

WDTV Live HD media player + 1TB external drive = pure joy.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post to this thread tomorrow that. . .the TomTom GPS my hubby bought me is worth it’s weight in gold!

I’ve teased him for some time now. He has a great sense of direction. And his car has a nav system. And his SmartPhone (Android) has a nav system. And his work phone (BlackBerry) has a nav system. I have no sense of direction, no nav system in my car, and a pay-as-you-go Net10 phone (my choice; he offered to buy me a 'Droid; I don’t need a phone that’s smarter than me!)

Yesterday, completely to my surprise, a package from arrived at my doorstep. He ordered me a TomTom without even telling me! I’m taking our 10YO daughter to the movie theater a half-hour away tomorrow. Now, I know how to get to the movie theater, but I’m going to use my new nav to get there anyway, so I can familiarize myself with how to use it!

Oh, and I’ll second the PedEgg! Wonderful.

My iPod and Blackberry. I use the Notes app to keep track of everything that I know I’ll probably forget and need [such as list of medications], and the little game is fun too. I’m currently trying to figure out if I need a data plan for the BB, or just stick with the BB as a phone.

I’d love to get a Kindle [or one of its ilk] and a GPS.

I am really low-tech. I bought an apple peeler/corer/slicer. It looks like something invented in the 19th or early 20th century, and it’s great. It’s so fun that my kids like to peel the apples (although my oldest, who used to peel apples for the reward of a pie, complained that he felt replaced).

Now all I need is an automatic pie-crust maker.

1: Electric whistling kettle. So much better than a stove kettle and you can’t accidentally burn it up or set the house on fire if the whistle does not work.

2: Motorola Droid Phone

3:Garmin GPS

4: Lenovo Netbook was surprsingly useful

5: Wireless router

6: Garlic press/crusher (hard to clean though)