Gaelic Translation/Irish Stamp

Can any Irish-speakers (or those better with online translators than I) tell me what’s being said on this Easter Rising commemorative stamp?

Thank you!

It’s a quote from the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. That excerpt says “In the name of God and of the dead generations…”

BTW, while I’m learning Irish I’m still far from being able to read that myself. However, I recognized it because it’s not unusual to see it on the wall in a pub both in English and in Irish.

Thank you, Gus. What about the “Forosra” part, just above “1916” ?

Probably “Easter,” right?

Forógra na Poblachta means the Proclamation of the Republic.

Thanks, hib.

Now I can buy the t-shirt for St. Pat’s Day without worrying that it says “The Guy in this Shirt is a Huge Shithead.”

While Gus’s translation conveys the sense correctly, and corresponds to the English version of the Proclamation, the exact literal translation is “In the name of God and in the name of the generations that went before us…”

Thanks again. I raise my glass to you.

There are some people who will think it means exactly that. Not everyone thought that Irish independence was a good thing.

“Is caccheann mór é an fear leis an léíne seo.” or something like that. My Irish is terrible.

I daresay you are correct. Won’t find any of 'em in Brooklyn, though. Or Boston, for that matter.

Surely not in the US though? Only in the Eastern part of Northern Ireland and some dreadful little villages in the West would you dare not wear it.