Gah! Lump(s)!

In the spirit of CandidGamera’s Gah! Pimple(s). thread, I too have discovered some new and interesting things near the surface of my body.

Saturday night I had a dream that I had a brain tumor. The genius I am in my sleep, I thought, “well, this can’t be good, let’s move it down away from the ol’noggin a bit!” So I grasped the lump and pushed it down my neck, at which point it became stuck. “Eh, better in the neck than in the brain.” There ends the dream.

Yesterday I discovered a lump in my neck down near where my neck meets my body (on the side). Round, immobile, hard. Not in the places that I usually associate with glands that get swollen when I get sick (and I’ve had strep throat more times than I can count, so I know what swollen glands feel like.) It isn’t sore, but I can feel it press in my neck innards (neckkards?) when I turn my head. I decide that since its a holiday, and I don’t really like going to the doctor anyway, I’ll sleep on it. See if its better in the morning, like 99% of things are.

After dreaming I was morphing into a Cardassian, this morning I woke up to see if my friend the lump is still there. Ah yes, he is. And he brought a friend. A brand new lump, not as big, sticking close by his sponsor. So I call my mother, a nurse, who is all too happy to give advice on any topic at any time. She’s the “suck it up its not going to kill you” type nurse who only suggests you go to the doctor if there are bones actually protruding out of your body or blood pouring from an orafice. She says to get to the doctor. Today.

So I am going to some doctor, somehow today. Haven’t yet switched my insurance over or gotten a doctor here yet (I moved here a little over two months ago), so I’ve got a bit of anxiety about seeing a complete stranger.

And that’s that. Happy Tuesday!

Ummmmmmm wow.

Hope everything goes alright.

Weird. Let us know what it is. As a rule of thumb, my doctor told me that generally if its Evil TM, the lump usually has a rough surface. If it feels smooth, it’s almost never anything really bad. I have one of those at a similar spot, though a bit higher. But since my mother’s had breast cancer twice, my doc had me check it anyway, just in case. A special needle took out a tiny bit of it, but it turned out harmless.

Best of luck,exastris I hope it is nothing, nothing, nothing. Just your imagination, in other words.

Best of luck,exastris I hope it is nothing, nothing, nothing. Just your imagination, in other words.

I’ll be sure to wear the Lemming Shirt for your benefit.

Good luck at the doctor.

I’m a positively lumpy guy. Lipomas. I have a bunch on my thighs and they’re nothing to worry about. I hope this is the case for you. I discovered the first one during a phase of a previous job where I was reading up on different types of cancers. Freaked me right the hell out, but after seeing the doctor I felt much better.

Let us know the gory details… ok, not the gory ones…
Seriously, even a lipoma can cause harm when its situated in one’s neck. There’s not much room in there, and extras can interfer with those boring things like swallowing and breathing.
Good you’re going.

Hope you’re OK and soon to be less lumpy, exastris.

IANAD, not even close. I always thought that the lumps that appear overnight or get noticeably bigger overnight aren’t the ones that are likely to be cancerous- it’s the slow-growing ones that you have to watch out for. Is this generally true, or an old wives’ tale?

Speak for yourself. Some of us live for a little DoperGore. ( Would that be Tipper’s daughter? P’raps.)

I have had a lipoma removed. It was…uh…lower down than my neck. Hope that’s all it is, and it’s removed poste haste. Keep us posted? :slight_smile:


I had a sebaceous cyst on my back that got infected, and later had it removed. Not much fun, but harmless overall.

Do tell us the gory details!

In like fifth grade I had some pea-sized lymphnodes in my neck, and the resultant biopsy.

NOTHING. They never-ever figured it out and I’m now 33.
Coolest thing about it was the biopsy was done under local anesthesia, so I heard the doctor coaching the nurse, “See that? That’s the nerve. Stay away from that.”

Thanks for the responses, guys.

It’s definitely my lymph nodes, and they have multiplied, but there is no sign of an infection (from physical exam and blood tests). Apparently if I start to feel sick soon that will be a good sign - a sign that the infection just avoided detection. But so far I feel okay, other than the bunch of grapes in my neck. More tests tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words again! And as soon as I have gory details, oh boy we are going to town baby!!!

That’s because it was your last nerve. Once that’s gone, it’s all over but the shouting.