Galaxy S4 and hearing aids

Anybody out there have experience with S4 who have hearing aids? I’m scheduled to get my hearing aids very soon, and it looks like the ones I’ll want only work mainly with Iphones. If I have to buy a new phone to max out the benefits of the new hearing aids, I’d rather get one I’m more or less familiar with.

Any experience you may care to share on this subject are welcome. thanks for looking.

(current S3 owner, happy with what I have)

Funny you should ask. I’ve been wearing HA’s for 8 years, finally got a new pair last month that can be remotely adjusted with my Galaxy S4.

The new HA’s are Siemens “Pure Binax 7” and are the best I’ve ever used. Highly recommended although your mileage etc.

They can be adjusted via Android phone by downloading the free Siemens “TouchControl” software.

BLUETOOTH connectivity NOT REQUIRED. No bozo medallion/antenna to hang around your neck! The S4 communicates DIRECTLY with the HA’s, and can

  • raise/lower volume
  • select any of the six available modes (normal, white noise reduction, TV, music, etc)
  • change the microphone directionality
  • tweak bass-treble sensitivity within each mode

Christ, I sound like an infomercial.

Forgot to mention: Siemens TouchControl app “is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.0 or higher public release.”

That’s encouraging news,thanks, My guy is pimping Starkey Halos or some such, feature set looks similar. Definitely need them, would just prefer a familiar environment phone wise (coming from galaxy S3)

Starkey HA’s now have Android remote app.