Gallium Arsenide, anyone?

Someone joined our litle skeptic’s forum with a rather woeful tale of being banned here. Being skeptics, one of our members did a search here and found nothing. It was as if Gallium Arsenide had never existed in these realms or this Pit.

So, in an attempt to get at the Truth, I’m asking for some Straight Dope from those involved.

The story, if I have it right, is that he got into an altracation with gobear and a couple of others over spelling (??).

Whaddafuck happened?

Many thanks in advance,

da filth

The name does ring a bell.


Is he an exposure meter photocell?

I vaguely remember that name. It would’ve been just about the time I registered, maybe a little earlier. I don’t remember a lot of the details, but I seem to remember that he did not come across as a pleasant person.

It’s worth noting that the “Straight Dope Message Board” has been hosted at three different sites (AOL, here, and somewhere else when this site was down), and I believe that the earlier posts here might not be searchable/archived, if I recall correctly. This could be part of your problem.

It’s “he got into an altERcation with gobear and a couple of others over spelling”.

So, you wanna piece of me? Huh?

I remember the name as well. Maybe the administrations deleted all posts and all traces of this poster from the entire board. He must have done something really bad.

Our name is Administration, for we are many. Don’t you hate people who post just to correct their own typos?

I hate you cuauhtemoc.

yeah, I remember him - I do remember his posts and such also being erased (though kudos to you for wanting to check it out… please stop taxing our hamsters now :wink: )

Yed, I wand a peace o’ u, u aint nuthin’, an I wil kik yur sorrie asss.

I can’t find any user name containing the string “gallium” or the string “arsenide.”

WTF? I might be a strict grammarian, but I don’t have the power to obliterate a user’s very existence.

If I had such ability, the cornfield would be SRO.

Oh my God! It’s a massive coverup! And UncleBeer’s in on it!

He’s a troll, and he’s had more than one username. Happy now?

yes, he was banned, and after he was banned, he emailed me telling me as such.

Again many thanks. It’s kind’a what I expected, but it’s good to have some verification. We at Skeptic Friends will treat him as we do any newbi. If he is indeed trolling, he will be dealt with. :smack:

Yet again thanks to all including jjimm, to whom I offer an upraised, middle finger :smiley:

da filth

The late, unlamented Sea Sorbust started another thread about GaAs, but I guess it got nuked by the server crash.

I remember a user named Gallium Arsenide.

Lynn: Why the rancor? Does it serve any possible purpose?

Sea Sorbust IS GaAs.

And the rancor is partly at the OP, and partly at myself. These sort of questions should be asked and answered in email. Instead of shutting down the thread, however, I did something that I shouldn’t have…I answered the question in an open thread.