Gamblers Anonymous question

Do members of the program get chips like AA members? If not, what token if any do they get to commemorate milestones?

Um…lottery tickets??

C’mon, I know it’s a funny question, but I seriously want to know.

I would imagine there would be a token of some kind, but it’s always been up to individual groups to decide if they want to do something like that.

I guess the best place to ask (since Hazelden didn’t have any gambling medallions listed, and I found no mention of this on the GA website) would be your local Gamblers Anonymous intergroup office. They should be listed in the telephone book.


A GA group is set up like an AA group. It is just one of many “Anonymous” groups, such as,

Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous (no joke)
Schitzphrenics (sic) Anonymous (Again, no joke)
Sex Anonymous

Any Anonymous group runs its individual program depending on what group that you are a part of. They will use the 12 steps, which is the same no matter what you do. Step 1 is “We admitted that we were powerless over… and our lives were unmanageable.”

I have never done GA, but I know AA well, and I have been to a few NA meetings.


No joke??? How can there be no joke.
MA: “Hey bros. My name…” “Whoa. Did you just say something?” “What, me? I dunno.” “Did you say something? Did I just say that?”
See? Plenty of jokes. :smiley:

I heard back from GA and on milestone and anniversary dates, members get keychains, medallions or GA pins. No chips.