Game 7

Who’s going to win? Being a lifelong Detroiter, I’m hardly objective about it, so I won’t bother to offer my opinion.

Before Game 1, I said Spurs in 6. Guess I’ll have to amend that now…Spurs in 7.

I shouldn’t weigh in as I am also a lifelong Detroit fan, but I’ll share anyways. I’m good like that.

It is tough to say. The Spurs dominated in the first two, so you could go with them. The Pistons dominated the third game and simply crushed the spurs in game 4, so you go to the pistons. Game 5 was a toss up. Wallace covers Horry and we may not even be here now. Game 6 was nearly as close.

In the end, I’m leaning towards pistons. It’s partially bias, but also because the Pistons can play dirtier than the Spurs. That can be really handy in a long series and crucial in a game 7. The Pistons also are undefeated in game sevens and play well when they have to. They have to on Thursday.

This is going to be a close game though. Might as well just flip a coin and go with that.

Detroit is 10-0 recently when having the chance to eliminate someone from the playoffs. They are 8-1 when on the brink of elimination.

I am dumb.

I should have mentioned that “recently” meant the last three years and that I pick the Pistons to win(even though it is in San Antonio).