Game of thrones leaked ending - Is it correct and does it make sense (SPOILERS, obviously)?

So, following a post in the main Game of thrones thread, I unfortunately checked it up, and discovered that the ending would have been leaked. That the leak isn’t fake would be demonstrated by the fact that the leak accurately described the last episodes.

Your last chance to not read the spoiler…

OK, here it is (a last spoiler box for people who would have accidentally opened the thread or something):

Jon kills Dany and (that’s the part that intrigues me)…Bran sits on the throne

This ending doesn’t seem very believable to me, and is guaranteed to piss off a large part of the viewers, IMO.

First, do you think that it’s likely to be the real thing? Some people have stated that several endings have been filmed, for instance, and the Bran ending could be one of them. Is that fact, or a random guess? Also, I assume it could have been deliberately leaked, so as to fool people who are actively searching for leaks and then spread the information. Instead of finding a real leak, they find the planted one, and although it gives away the events of the 4th and 5th episode, it misguides them wrt the end of the series. Is that believable?

Second, do you think it could be an ending that makes sense, and could be satisfying for the audience? I mean, Bran fan base is pretty limited, and we haven’t exactly be prepared to see him as a conceivable contender.

Finally, what kind of king could Bran be? He isn’t truly human anymore, so pretty much anything is possible. Given what Bran is, him becoming king could be made to look hopeful or at the contrary gloomy. Or Bran, who doesn’t seem to care much about the realities of the world could be presented as a tool (of Sansa, for instance).

I am the one who made the post in question. I didn’t believe it (leaks I mea)!until the latest episodes.
Now I find it plausible.
Remember, the writers know what GRRM’s ending is. As well as the ultimate fates of most of the major players.
Now, it might make sense in the story as GRRM is writing. It makes little sense in the shows narrative.
Bran was a peripheral character till basically season 6, hell he missed most of season 4 and 5. He has done jackshit since then, besides being Mr Exposition.

Jon kills Dany, Dragon rampage reduces all Westeros to glowing Dragonglass.

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I believe it. The same source gave accurate leaks for earlier episodes. And it’s entirely consistent with the level of writing we’ve seen since season 5.