Game of Thrones related: Emilia Clarke's play to close on Broadway

NY Times - need subscription:

She does fine, even pretty well, as Dany, but apparently she shouldn’t have tried to debut on Broadway in a role made iconic by Audrey Hepburn…

That seems like you are laying the blame on her. The reviews I saw use terms like “ill-conceived.” It seems to be a bad production that would have been panned even if they were able to bring back Audrey for the role.

All true. Yeah, her performance has not been received well, but fingers seem to point most to the writer, director, etc…

A friend of mine is a huge Broadway guy (and he’s never seen an episode of GoT) and saw it a while back. He said she was decent but the show was terrible.

There was a West End adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s that ran for a few months in 2009-2010 but had a different playwright (Samuel Adamson) than this one. Apparently the English version was considered mediocre so they re-wrote it as “very bad”.

I just saw Emilia Clarke’s appearance on Letterman last night. It was a repeat from a month or two ago, I believe, and she was promoting the play. At first I didn’t recognize her, since she looked very different from her Game of Thrones character–she looks even better as herself. She was very charming. The screen loves her and she certainly has “presence” as Dany. She should be able to find film work, I would think, if her GoT duties allow it.

I was under the impression that Anna Friel got pretty decent notices herself in the lead role (which I can totally imagine her in). But when you replace the only good thing in the show, then yeah, it’s no surprise that the whole thing fell apart.