Gamera is friend to all children

Well, is he?

What’s the source of this phrase? Does it come from a Gamera movie? MST3K? Usenet?

It’s a theme throughout the Gamera movies. He may be a big fire-breathing flying turtle, but boy does he love the kids! Of course, MST3K certainly helped popularize the phrase and get it out into popular culture.

See also, “Gamera is really neat. He is made from turtle meat.”

Of course the real question is “Why Doesn’t Johnny Care”, is it the overdosing on Anime or is it just the creepy short pants?

I’m pretty sure one of the annoying children says it in one of the Gamera movies… perhaps Gamera VS. Zegra?

Hmmm… gonna have to get out my MST3K tapes. :slight_smile:

In the first Gamera film, the annoying little boy Kenny says that Gamera is the “friend to all children”. Gamera also demonstrates this trait throughout the films, typically by rescuing children from imminent danger.

You mean by rescuing Kenny from imminent danger.

“I hear you, Kenny. And I obey!”

No, Kenny’s only in the first one. There are no children at all in Gamera vs Barugon. Gamera himself is barely in that one.

But Kenny is obviously Gamera’s Dark Lord. Jeez, didn’t Tom Servo teach you anything? :wink:

Damn you Smegs - now that f’king song is playing in my head!! :confused: :eek: