Games are to blame for mass shooters, not social welfare or gun regulation.

With recent news of a kid shooting up some people at a gaming tournament where he apparently loss then decided to blast the people who pissed him off, I feel that now is an appropriate time for FoxNews and the Right Wing to bring up the issue of games causing our children to be violent and commit atrocities like this. It seems like a very good way to evade talk about gun control and improving the social welfare (like mental health) of our people.

Clearly I am not the only person here who believes this will be an efficient talking point to keep right winged audiences distracted from the growing implication of having such loose gun laws in this country.

Well, since our President blamed Mollie Tibbit’s death on Democrats and their policies (never mind that her murderer was employed and housed by a major Republican donor), I just want to know if I can blame the death of the three shooting victims in Florida on Republicans and their policies. Or is it too soon to talk about this and now is a time for prayer?

Wait, hold on - in this instance, the kid was mad because of losing at the tournament and other people’s behavior and so he shot them up. In this instance, the gaming is no more to blame than cards if a poker player lost at a casino and returned to the poker table with a gun and shot his opponents.
Not that there can’t be a link between video games and violence but this seems a poor example of it.

Think you’ve been whooshed mate.

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There’s enough stupid shit that the far right are saying right now that I don’t see any need to pre-empt it.

I agree it’s extremely likely they’ll take that line though, and that it will be stupid when they do (If the logic of “Violence happened once at/with X, therefore X is the cause of violence” worked, then essentially *everything *is a cause of violence.)

Football is obviously to blame. Madden should be hanged! (Wait, is he even still alive?)

Thoughts and prayers, now is not the time, no way to prevent this, good guy with a gun, culture of violence.

Do I have bingo?

Guns don’t kill people, games don’t kill people. People kill people. The majority of those people who commit mass shootings are white men, so we should probably lock them all up pending deportation (they aren’t real Americans - their parents or grandparents probably came in through chain migration) to keep the rest of us safe.

Sorry, my dear husband, its for the best. At least you’ll probably end up in England - my dear father is headed to somewhere in Eastern Europe where he doesn’t speak the language.

I think that gaming has some cultural elements that are toxic and need to be addressed. It is not the only toxic culture. It’s not the worst toxic culture. But it certainly has serious toxic elements. I don’t think though that it is related to the games themselves. I think that it’s an environment of anonymity combined with a receptive audience with little oversight. I mean we see it on SDMB sometimes and this is one of the harder core moderated message boards out there and less anonymous than many. When you combined that with a medium that encourages competition and a large minority of people who believe that the medium essentially ‘belongs’ to straight, white males and anyone not in that demographic is somehow diluting or destroying their culture and you end up with a very toxic mess.

Putting the emphasis on desensitization of violence or whatever bugaboo is really missing the point. The issue is one with culture. We see the same thing with Islam. People spend time criticizing the medium (e.g. “The Koran says kill infidels-that’s the problem.”) When that’s not really the problem at all. The real problems are the problems that have plagued the non-community society since time immemorial. Society just doesn’t work for some people. It is isolating and anonymizing. In a community, the individual might be oppressed, but in a society, they are ignored. In some ways, that’s worse because at least oppression validates the value of the individual. It means you are at least important enough to hate. In a society, you aren’t even that. For some people and it seems especially young males who are -for lack of a better word- sexually preening via societal status, it becomes untenable and that results in extremely anti-social actions. All of this is really saying is that it becomes very easy for cultures and sub-cultures to arise that feed these socially ignored people and draw them into unhealthy communities-some of which manifest in relatively harmless ways, but some of which manifest in quite deadly ones.

The issue with guns is that you’re really treating symptoms rather than the disease. That said, I’m in favor of gun control because treating symptoms is better than doing nothing, but it doesn’t really address the inherent failures of society. Then again, I can’t think of what can address that failure.

It’s been “too soon” since Columbine. An entire generation has grown up under the cloud of mass and school shootings, but it’s “too soon” to do anything about it.

Well, instead of trying to make excuses about our nation’s violence by blaming any one particular element in our society, maybe it’s finally time that we take an honest look in the mirror and admit the truth about our society as a whole.

For example, if you made a list of all the “First World” nations on this planet and ranked them from least violent to most violent, where on that list do you honestly think the United States would appear? Hint: Our guns measured on a per capita basis are pretty much a 1:1 ratio, meaning that there is roughly a firearm in this nation for every man woman and child in the country. That’s a whole lot more like Liberia, not Sweden or Japan or Germany or any of the other “First World” nations that most people admire.

So, if you want to blame video games or “R” rated action movies or any other one or two things, go ahead, but I think you’re failing to see a much deeper problem.

What is your model that gun availability only makes a difference in First World Nations?

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Actually you probably are.

Just to be clear - you don’t actually believe this argument, but you are putting it forth, for reasons other than advocating it. I second the suggestion to move it to the Pit, where such things are discussed in more appropriate terms.


Excellent! Let me clarify my last post - Barack Obama is trolling.


Hear, hear!

That is a well written and accurate precis of the situation.

Too toxic for my taste.

Actually, the problem is with the headphones… :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

It’s a good point to bring up though. The right wing will ignore the root causes of this innocent and potential solutions and use anything besides firearms as a object of blame.

The title is just a bit misleading.