Games raffle (prizes: Mark of the Ninja, Eets, Brutal Legend, Trine 2) [Must have Steam]

So since it was just a dollar, I figured I’d get the most recent Humble Bundle even though I already owned all of the games. Then I’d just give them to fellow dopers on here who wanted them.

The games I have are Mark of the Ninja, Brutal Legend, Eets, and Trine 2.

How to choose, though? Well, to make it fair, I figured I’d do a raffle. Not many rules and they’re all pretty simple, but read them just so everyone who wants to enter is clear.

  1. You may enter to get all of the games (if you want all of them)…or, if you’re just interested in a specific one or two, specify it in your post/tell me which raffle to enter you in on.
    If there is only one person interested in each game, they will just automatically get it.

  2. I will then hold a raffle in 3 days time on Monday at noon (PST). How I will do this is I’ll put all the names entered into the list randomizer on and, after randomizing them, whoever’s name is FIRST on the list is the winner.

  3. I will do step two a total of FOUR times…one for each game. I will only include names of those interested in said game in that game’s raffle.
    Yes, the same person CAN win more than one (or even all) of the games (if they’re interested in having them, that is)…although unless you’re really lucky, that might be difficult.

  4. You MUST have over 20 posts to enter.

  5. All of the keys are redeemable on STEAM, so if you don’t have it, you might want to get it (it’s free, here). Download the applet and that’s all you need. You can then enter any keys (if you win them) and play the game.
    Finally, here is the site you can get all of them for a dollar on if you wish.

I would like to enter the raffle for all four.

I’d like Mark of the Ninja

I’m in for Mark of the Ninja and Brutal Legend.

I’d love mark of the ninja or trine 2 :slight_smile:

I’ll enter for Eets.

If Idle Thoughts doesn’t mind administering it, I would be happy to throw in a second copy of Brütal Legend and a copy of FTL. I have extras from the same HIB sale.

Sure…I’ll just run another for FTL and a two for Brutal Legend. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow at noon, so last chance to enter if anyone still wants to.

Getting ready to do the raffle…just putting everything in order right now.

Let’s see, for a copy of Mark of the Ninja, the raffle will have:

For Trine 2:

JohnnyBravo will get Eets automatically since he’s the only one that signed up for it, and HoopyFrood and Apocalypso with both get a copy of Brutal Legend since there are two and only those two signed up.

Nobody said they wanted Faster Than Light (FTL), although not sure anyone checked back in after they posted.

For Trine 2:


Hoopy wins.

For Mark of the Ninja:


Zoid wins.
Zoid, Hoopy, Apocalypso, and Johnny Bravo, check your PMs on here for the keys.


Thanks, man!

For anyone reading this thread who has not played FTL: take this game off of the man’s hands and play it. It’s a sparkling little gem of a game.


I’m loving Mark of the Ninja!
Thanks again!