Games Rater

I don’t know how many of you are into computer games but I can imagine there are quite a few that are. This thread is basically where you can give your opinions on any game that you like.

Basically how this thread goes is that someone chooses a game. It can be on any console (PS2, Xbox, PC, Atari etc) and it can be any type that they like, so you might want to talk about old games like Pong or Space Invaders, or you can talk about the latest games like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo and so on. They name their game, and give it a rating out of ten, and then explain why they think it is a good or a bad game. After this other people can give their opinions, give links to related sites, cheats, codes, whatever they like. So when you write a new message you can either talk about the current game that has been rated, or bring up another game, rate it, explain why and so on.

Being a big games fan myself I will get us started:
9.5 out of ten

It has great graphics, great music, it lasts an age, it’s so much fun to play, and it’s absolutely huge. It is so much like real snowboarding and I was rather amazed first time I played it. The best thing about it is that you can o whatever you like. You don’t have to enter a really hard competition or race in order to progress, you do what you want to do, it is totally non-linear. You can customise pretty much whatever you want to, like your tricks, your costume, your board and so on, it puts you in control.

The next person to continue this thread can either give their opinion on this game, or rate their own game.

Fallout 2 - PC

I’ve never found anyone who did not like this game. Open-ended post-apocalyptic RPG where your actions in the game actually MATTER at the end. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 is because I hate reviewers who do that.
Interplay - game company

Bastards fired all of Black Isle halfway through development of Fallout 3. They will forever deserve my ire.

I agree, I dislike Interplay as a company and waited until Fallout Tactics went into the cheapie bin before picking it up. They were the first company I encountered that put out games before completely tested (fallout 2 - prepatch). I had the game sitting on my shelf for weeks until I could play it.

Simcity 4 combo pack with Rush hour - PC

Fun and interesting game. Always been a fan of the Simcity line of games. Only real negative is there is no region generator (you gotta make maps to play on else you get simple flat bare maps).

Yeah Simcity has always been one of my fave games. It must have been the first one I played on PC, they’re pretty ingenius games.

The Sims- PS2/Xbox/PC/Gamecube

I don’t really find The Sims as good as Simcity but it’s still a pretty decent game. What’s best is that on PS2/Xbox/Gamecube, rather than randomly creating houses or people etc, you can go through a story mode where you have to complete certain goals to progress. Genius. Addictive. Plus there are quite a few bonus packs for PC like Unleashed, Livin’ It Up, and Superstar.