Games that look like work

For those of us who are stuck at work today, I wanted to share this site I found a while ago. My boss, myself, and one other guy are the only people in the office today and I finished all my projects on Wednesday so I don’t even have any actual work to do. I’ll be playing “Breakdown” all day today I think.

Note this is not spam - I have no affiliation with this site whatsoever.

That is pretty neat. Reminds me of the “Boss Key” Sierra adventure games used to have (especially the Leisure Suit Larry games).

In a twist of irony, this is blocked by my work’s filter for being in the “Games” category.

It’s blocked for me, too. Now what am I going to do for work?

Somebody offered to install Prison Tycoon on my computer at work. I told them if I wanted to run a prison, I’d just do my job.

I thought this was going to be about EVE Online.

Yeah, lots of games had that in the day. They’d load up a little fake DOS program, too. I always thought that was cool and I was only a kid in the 1980’s.