Games you should not play with children

Try To Find Mommy While She Hides In a Large Department Store.

Long ago and far away I watched a mother train her child to run into the street. Oh,that’s not what mom thought she was doing,but she was. Baby got too close to the street. Mom ran over,scooped her up,swung her around kissing and cooing “Nononono,don’t get in the street”. :confused: Put baby down,suprise suprise,baby runs to the street as fast as she can. :eek: Mom does the same thing. Things go bad from there to the point that child can’t be outside to play.
My kids were taught to stop when told to. They’d answer to a high/low whistle or their name with “Here” Name/whistle,“Come here” had better end with child by my side

Chutes and Ladders, the most boring game in the universe and it goes on forever. Just when you think it might be over, your child will land on a chute and be propelled back to the beginning of the game.

Let them play it in nursery school, give it to the grandparents, but don’t ever allow this game into your house. Trust me on this. :smiley:

Typical American Puritan. In Europe, where people are much more sophisticated, families play strip poker all the time.

Beer pong. The little ones keep throwing the beer and putting the ball in their mouths.

Yeah, Jarts were fun. We never got more than a few skull dents, so I don’t see what the big deal was.

Obligatory link.

I agree. I’ve played Chaos in the Old World with kids, and they weren’t very good at it. They didn’t go for their dial conditions in any sensible way, and summoned their Greater Demons way too early. It made for a really weird game.

While holding your little one’s hand, do not pull the hand around behind you and fart on it. Firstly because it will cause them to pull away from you when you go to grab their hand in the parking lot, and secondly because they will start pulling your hand around behind themselves to fart on it. Ask me how I know.

Same with Candyland. Though it’s a little better in that you can “lose” the cupcake card that sends people back to the beginning of the path.

I never thought of strategically “losing” game pieces. Brilliant!

I fucking HATE Candyland. I’d rather play Chutes and Ladders, which is really saying something.

Animal pong is a great game for kids though!

For one of my son’s birthday parties, I set up the cups on one end of a long table and put a little rubber animal in each one. If the kid got the ball in the cup, he got the little animal. Replace the animal and keep going! The kids found it very entertaining to play, and the parents that saw it found it even more entertaining to see their kids playing beer pong. :slight_smile:


Global Thermonuclear War. How about a nice game of chess instead?

My rule with Candyland: If we have gone through the deck of cards 2-3 times without a winner, ALL of the symbol cards get taken out of the pack and we only play with the color cards to the end of the game.