Games you should not play with children

Chasing - I once saw this movie where this little boy runs into the street and gets killed all the while his Dad is trying to stop him but the boy thinks its the usual game of “chase me”. So I have never chased my kids and when I tell them to “stop”, I mean it.

Another is screaming. I think kids should learn to scream but only when in danger. Too often I hear kids screaming in play but it sounds like danger.

Do you all have any others?

spins cylinder
Maybe Russian roulette isn’t the best thing to play.

Calvinball. They just don’t get the subtleties of the rules and get angry when it doesn’t go their way. Oogy is greater than boogy. What’s not to get? Dumb kids.

How can you get a bunch of kids not to scream when they are playing, excited and having a blast? Personally it would be creepy as fuck to me to have a group of kids running around being quiet. Maybe they have mind melded and are plotting my demise. Can you picture a group of silent kids running around, suddenly stop and look at you…and then they all break out in evil smiles? Fuck that.

Me vs the kids in dodgeball. They haven’t mastered dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. When I broke out a wrench their Mom broke out an axe…she won.

There’s a middle ground between screaming and being a silent film. I mean, yeah, they can yell things at each other and laugh, but some kids go all out on the AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH like they’re currently being fed through a goddamn woodchipper.

Jarts. :smiley:

I was pissed when they actually banned them. :frowning:

Was the movie you saw “Pet Semetary”? (sic) When Gage gets hit by the truck?


That was my thought, too. Except I don’t remember “chase me” being a regular game that they’d always done. I think he just assumed they were playing b/c he was a little kid and unaware of how dangerous the road was.

7 Minutes in Heaven.

Uno. the little bastards win every time. And they enjoy it waaaayyyyyy to much. :wink:

Cards Against Humanity.

Strip poker

Beat on the Brat.

Oh, wait… you are looking for games you should not play with children.

Snerk. My kid brought that over to play. Of course, he’s in his mid-thirites.

“Chaos in The Old World”. Look it up.

Full contact kick boxing.

I’ll second the chasing game, and screaming at the top of your lungs.

I was at a playground as a kid and watched a guy playing tag with his son. The son ran under a pullup bar and the father smacked his head against it at a full clip. I’m not saying we shouldn’t allow the game, but it was one HELL of a THWACK!

Kids shouldn’t play full contact football. They don’t know what they are doing and are liable to get a concussion.

I must be doing something wrong. I always lose to kids in a hilarious manner :smack:

“Never Have I Ever.”

My kids tried play “I’m drowning, Mommy, come save me!” I put an end to that pronto.