Are gaming and roleplaying a waste of time or are they a creative vent for people stuck in a non creative environment.

Yes :wink:

I’m not sure if this is Mundane or Pointless however . .



So in anwser to your question, neither, and possibly both.

People enjoy playing games, they have fun. Is this a waste of time? depends on your perspective - they can help improve certian skills and some games can reward you with money . .

Are they a creative vent for pepole stuck in a noncreative enviroment? for some pepole I guesss . . . there are lots of ways to vent creativity . .

To be honest I don’t really like the question as, only offering two choices, it appears to be biased, sorry.

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**I’m not sure if this is Mundane or Pointless however . .



Darn newbies

Can’t it simply be fun?


To be honest I don’t really like the question as, only offering two choices, it appears to be biased, sorry. **[/QUOTE]

try this: What is the genral feeling on gaming and role-playing

Ummm… yeah.

I enjoy gaming and role-playing, and I find both to be entertaining, and neither to be a waste of time.

I have lots of outlets for my imagination tho’. This is just one.

I enjoy gaming and role-playing, too.
I have for yearsandyearsandyears.
I think that it has made me a better and more complete person. Through many years of trying to get into a character’s head and see things from a viewpoint that is entirely alien, I find that I am more accepting of viewpoints that others hold. I can more easily see how events will affect situations than I could when I started. I also see it as a hoby that really can never get old. There is all of humanity and more to play with, and every situation that ever was, and some that never will be.

Role Playing is fun!

Sometimes, I get out my Pirate outfit, and hand the emergency fire escape out the bedroom window, and then go outside, and scream that I’m fixin to board ye, ye scurvy dogs!

Then I climb the escabe with my sabre clenched between my teeth, and go on a pillaging frenzy until I find the fiar maiden…

I’ve said too much.

This is a question that can’t be answered objectively. Different people will give you different answers. Personally, I enjoy games and roleplaying games and I think that they are an excellent way to express yourself creatively as well as socially. I’m sure that there are people who disagree with me. But then, I’m the person who thinks that football and other sports are an utter waste of time and energy, and I’m sure that there are lots of people who disargree with that too.


I play games because I enjoy them, I play all sorts of games, from role-playing games to computer games to card and board games.

It stimulates me, provides me with a challenge, allows me to spend time with friends and exercises my mind.
Also what Gravity said.

Role playing is widely used in psychiatry/therapy and often in elementary education.
Role playing is a natural tendency in children (playing house, dress up, fireman, etc…)
It is one of the ways they learn to relate to the world around them.

Role playing requires abstract thought and an examiniation of your motives and values. Consider a game in which you play an “evil” character.
The actions this character would perform probably go against your base morals and ethics.
You need to look at morals and ethics as relative and flexible(which is exactly what they should be). Much of what we believe is based upon our experience and our upbringing,
If we were raised with different experiences, we would have different morals and ethics.

Role playing helps us to picture situations from a different perspective, this helps us to be more open minded.
So beyond the fact that role playing is entertaining, it helps us to become more flexible and open minded.

If I wasn’t gaming, I’d probably be sitting on my ass in front of the television.

Why the former activity is reviled by society in general as a pointless waste of time while the latter is considered perfectly acceptible, I will never understand.

The gamers I know are creative people in general. They enjoy drawing, painting, making music, writing, crafting, etc. You don’t have to chose between gaming and other ways of being creative.

I really enjoy it too… It’s brought out my more creative side, and made me some REALLY good friends. If it wasn’t for role-playing, I’d never be taking DRAMA. Or most English classes for that matter.

I wish I’d said all that.

As a teacher, when I see my teenage pupils playing 4 hour sessions of chess, or Civilisation 2, or D+D, I think what an advantage in concentration they’ll have over channel-hopping TV addicts when exam time comes around.
(Was that sentence too long for you to comprehend?)

When I was in high school, most kids were out drinking most weekends. Us? We were in the attic of a barn, playing D&D. Hours on end. Even managed to get snowed in while playing once; we played for 48 hours.

I’ve often thought about how much I learned doing that. Confidence in public speaking is definitely up there on the list; if you have to defend yourself in front of royalty, or watch your character die, you get good at it fast. Teamwork was a big one; it’s built into the structure of the game. You get along, learn how to work together, and how to use different skill sets to accomplish tasks.

You also get good at adding up numbers quickly. “I rolled a 12. My thaco is 18, but I’ve got Bless on… I hit a 5!”

Later on, as chief engineer of a Constitution-class starship, I learned management skills. Duty rosters suck.

Playing RPGs with some people is a waste of time.

What isn’t a waste of time. Is everything I do that isn’t trying to cure cancer a waste of time?

Perzactly. I don’t watch much TV, though I’m not one of these big anti-TV zealots. It’s just not how I prefer to spend my spare time. I do game, and I enjoy it. I get more entertainment out of D&D than I’ve ever gotten out of television.

I don’t feel it’s a waste of time, but if it is, it’s no more wasteful than comparable activies.

…then those nice men from the Happy Home come in…

Speaking as a former AD&D player and current CivII addict, if it is not an obsession, it isn’t bad. Submersion to the exclusion of reality is bad, whether RPGs, computer games, TV, music, or Barbie dolls. If a kid wants to spend Friday night playing an RPG or EverCrack, fine. He wants to play 40+ hours a week, no. Varied interests, good. Monomaniacal obsessions, bad.

I’ve tried (Rifts) and don’t like paper and dice style role playing. Then again, any form of acting/public speaking, and most forms of social interaction scare the bejeezus out of me.

I know lots of people enjoy it, and for them, it’s certainly not a waste of time. For me though, it causes far more stress than it would relieve.