Pointless gamer rant, no need to read, long

[sub]this will suck, but I need the silly steam hole. And now, my piece entitled:[/sub]


Yes, you were an asshole and a stupid one at that. You merrily ignore any idea of role playing (you know, that thing where you pretend you have a personality? Oh, wait, you can’t do that IRL, much less act a new one out…sorry, I digress.) You ignore actual game playing to roll dice and hurt other characters to make your dick feel big. (Can’t do that IRL either, eh?)

And yet, you, with your 47 health levels bitch like a flea ridden whore who spent her pimps money on crack when an owl is sent after you by one of your own damn kind! Another werewolf wanted to pull you off a human who is so non combat ready its not even funny and you bitch about an unfair advantage and turn and run? My baby little character took your fucking twinking in stride and took her beating. Yes, by your rules you killed her out, but she played her character to the end of it. Take your licks like a dog, man.

And a bird aims for you, in your biggest, baddest wolf form and you whine that you can outrun it? When the force of friction makes moving painful? uh-huh. What happened to taking on helpless creatures, or is a beak too much for you? That bird did four agg to your pansy, cowardly “I can dish it but not take it” fuzz brained self. And you question how it can touch you? I’ll answer, it is flying at about 35 m/s and you are on fire, bitch. (Good birdie.)

I am grateful you are such a prick though. The ST moderating the combat hated you from the second time you opened your sickly mewling little mouth. She did some talking and called the combat because you refused to admit that your character couldn’t instantly cover 25m of ground. Way to go, fuck nut. Head for the easy kill by cheating. You could have killed me out, easily. My new character has no combat skills. You could have out run her from the start and cut her down, fair as fair, if you were a half way decent bloodthirsty mongrel. However you would have had to face two of your own furry kind and another Mage, close up and personal. But if you were truly playing the game, playing your character, big and bad and mean, would you run from a fight like that? You could have gotten the other wolves to help you, it would have been three combat oriented chars on two humans.

If you had played the fucking game I’d be dead and you’d be fine. But you just got the embarrassment of having an ST tell you to stop twinking and play. All your effort to randomly fuck up a nice game and all those around you are fine.

And better yet. I know who you are. And my character hates you. She’s not strong, but she will be. And I will hunt you down and piss you off, and when your over muscled, ugly, hairy ass bears down on me I will alter less than a cubic inch of cells and cut your spinal cord. You can have a fucking blast playing a quadriplegic combat char. It won’t even take me that long to get that good. That’s an easy effect with low difficulty, because no one will be able to pin it on me and no one will see anything happen.

Want to see role playing? Your top vertebra (or do you not know that word either?) will suddenly develop a layer of bone where once the vital layer of spinal cord was. You will no longer be able to feel your feet or arms or anything lower than the point where your brain sends out a tentacle to control your body. Any ideas of self controlled motion fail and your unbalanced frame crashes to the earth. You defecate yourself as you muscles, void of any orders, relax. Air, precious oxygen, leaks from your body as your diaphragm releases itself to uncontrolled oblivion. But you’re not dead, your mind continues for a few moments, and sees this state of your once powerful form.

And your sniveling, puss filled, hate filled, useless mass will lie in the dirt, your little mind unable to send the smallest of messages to anything below the nape of your neck. And all your claws and fortitude and whatever will do you no damn good. I hope the ground smells nice for your death when my English teacher takes you down.

  • There. I feel much better. This is related to a game and if you are unfamiliar, don’t worry about it. The reality is that in the week or so it will take me to get what I need to smack this putz, someone else will have done it for me. Unless he’s better at weaseling than even I estimate him to be. And then I might get lucky.*

[sub]Nowhere in here do I intend to offend people with small dicks, flea ridden whores, hairy people, or imply that quadriplegics are useless. This player doesn’t have the brains to operate without combat abilities and has problems even doing that. I maintain that this particular individual will suffer a great loss when reduced to only his mind.[/sub]

Let me guess: Get of Fenris Lupus Ahearn (sp?)

See if you really want to twink you do a Black Fury instead so you can use tha Gift where you soot your claws. Long ranged ultra violence. That way you can be a pansy twink. Which is what all twink characters really are. Its sad to see people who couldn’t cut it as bullies in the real world try to be bullies in fictional ones.

Freedom, get in here…

The Tim no, it was a red talon. If I wanted to be a pansy twink, I’d be a Fury. I want to be an English teacher who pokes reality in her spare time, though.

What I’d love to see happen but won’t, above and beyond sealing off his spinal cord, if for the STs to force him to play his char out with the injury. I’d even be willing to give him the six points of flaw and let him buy the resources background so he could have a wheel chair. If he played it out he could hook up with the Technocrasy and arm it with rocket launchers or lasers. All sorts of good fun death opportunities.

I don’t mind blood thirsty gaming, not my thing, but whatever. What bothers me is that I’ll bet money he can have a char built and ready to go in under three minutes, but if he plays it for three months he will still have no idea why his char is in the city, what his char’s life is like, or why anyone should give a flying fuck why he is in the game. I play with gamers. I want to play the game. That’s it.

That sounds neat, actually… I’d possibly try to be injured just to get that. Heheheh. :slight_smile:

Hey! Stop bad mouthing the Black Furies! Pansy twinks are Children of Gaia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Werewolf, but it’s amazing how easy it is for some twit to come along and really screw it up for everybody. We have a list of “No way in hell am I playing with that dweeb who doesn’t have a real life” players that ruin it for everybody. Oh, and rule tweekers that pay absolutely no attention to what’s right for their Tribe. Grrr…

Tengu, People will start out with some disability just to enjoy playing it out. Blind, deaf, insane, missing a leg, its all good role playing.

Twinks will buy flaws, but they avoid the personality making or role playing ability required ones, they buy ones like “Quick Temper” and then refuse to let it kick in when something bigger and meaner than they picks on them.

The system is there to enable cool role playing, really snazzy playing pretend and it works for most people.

Ahh… you have a different defination of RP Twinks than we do.

In general, Twinks use OOC knowledge IC and make things bad. i.e. they cheat.

In my little circle this definition has widened to “playing with no sincere want to play the game”. Powergamers, cheaters, the aforesiad rule tweekers, the people who curl up in a corner and whine about never getting to do anything, the ST’s girlfriend, Malks in bunny slippers who think they are five…all of them get tossed under the heading “Twink”.

There are more technical terms for each category, but for ease my friends have settled upon twink.

You don’t want to play, fine, don’t. Don’t spoil it for the rest of us, m’kay?

Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t do it, myself (would rather start out able-bodied/mentally intact, and then pick up the disability later, more fun), but…

Tengu, the problem with that admirable method, is that you can control your injury in background, but picking one up along the way is difficult. If you are in any sort of a group, someone is going to peskily try to heal you.

Arden, at some point in time I may want a chat with you about Werewolf…I know very, very little about it. I found Mage and curled up safe and happy there.

Yeah, but that just ads to the fun. ^__~ I’m not saying it’d be easy to do (Short of begging/bribing your DM to make the neccessary injury happen and be unhealable.), just that that’s the way I’d prefer to do it.

And, dammit, I’d play it out. Though going through the change you propose for your twink might be frustrating enough to decide on suicide and roll up a new character, at least I’d go out IC!

Mage. Agh. That one scares me. But I’m all over Werewolf. Not real up on all the 3rd Edition crap, but I know enough to know I do NOT like what they’re doing with their third editions.


Have you been over to http://www.white-wolf.com and seen what they’re doing with Mummy? Looks very cool. The whole “Year of the Scarab” thing may just get me back into playing something besides Amber this year. [me and my Egyptian fixation]

And about that healing thing… if I’m playing an Ahroun, you damn well better get away from me with your healing Rite. I earned that damned battle scar, thankyouverymuch!

And this is why the ST should just whap such people and be done with it…

My characters (for everything) always seem to wind up with missing limbs. It’s fun, but becoming something of a nuisance.

(incidentally: ever tried Mage as a drinking game? Instead of getting paradox–I keep wanting to call it taint…wrong game–you drink. It’s a fun way to screw up a game world you’re done with)…

I’m over at the white wolf site daily…its where this game is.

I don’t heal scars. But in combat, the wall of muscle that is between me and whatever is trying to eat the group gets healed. When the muscle goes down due to injuries, I know I will die. Quickly. I don’t play combat chars, not up close combat. I’ll do my best from over here thank you. Part of that is keeping the actual fighting chars well enough to fight.

Mage as a drinking game? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA! That works on so many, many levels… I’d lose out fast, low tolerance and I get pretty spacey pretty fast. Its still a cool idea.

That’s okay. You could be “The Pretty One.” :wink:


Though I did get some good news in game today. My friend is making quite a shit list for himself. Several other red talons are wanting to kill him out because he makes such a bad name for the tribe.

Not to mention everyone else who has run into him. Could be fun.

you misspelled grammar

Other than that was it okay? Did I express myself well? Or is there still some confusion about my opinions?

I would like to know…

Most storytellers I know would just kick such an obvious powergamer out of it right away. Metagaming sucks too… especially in big Vampire LARPs.

And don’t you be dissing the Furies! Damn straight.

I don’t play Mage that much, but oh my goodness, making it into a drinking game is the funniest idea.