Gandalf touched my ass........

I recentley went to my girlfriends grandparents 40th anniversary on a paddle staemer called the ‘Waverley’ which sailed from Tower Bridge. Now her grandparents are fairly famous on British TV and know a lot of actors who were invited to the party, so i’m at the bar ordering a drink when I feel someone groping my ass. I turn around and who should it be? Only Ian Mckellin the guy who plays Gandalf! I have to say i’m pretty chuffed with my new claim to fame…and if I ever split up with my girlfriend and turn gay then i’m sorted. Anyone else have any bizarre stories involving sexual harassment from celebrities?

My claim to fame is once having to squeeze past Magnus Magnusson (former presenter of Mastermind), not sexual.

Who are your gf’s Grandparents If you don’t mind me asking?

do famous gay people normally walk around grabbing random people’s butts?

Her grandparents are Prunella Scales and Tim West Lobsang. I have no idea owlofcreamcheese its the first time its ever happened to me. Maybe if this thread develops we can get a more concrete statistic…

Do not ruin my wonderfully noble movie image of this man! I think you imagined it…

The Fawlty Towers Prunella Scales? Whoa.

Well, considering the context, it’s possible that he knew that WILLASS was dating a relative of the guests of honor and was having a little fun at his expense. Who knows?

Plus, with that nick, maybe he was asking for it? :smiley:

Dude, you got goosed by Ian McKellen? That is so freaking COOL!

Ian rocks!

He isn’t sleazy!!! BAH!

… as distinct from all those other ones?

If you’ve got to get goosed by anybody…

Well, anyone of the same sex…

Yes, just before she died, Marilyn Monroe was stalking me.

[sup]That is especially bizarre, if you believe it.[/sup]

i once told the guy who played Corky on Life Goes On (forget the actor’s name) where the bathroom was.

Wasn’t sexual as far as I know.

Incidentally, he’s not a very good public speaker.

That’s about as good a claim to fame as a buttock can have.

Christian Slater winked at Mrs. Zebra once. She was walking down the street. (in NYC) and she saw him and did a double take. He shot wink at her and gave his (what I’m sure was) an extremely cheesy grin.

So I think he sexually harrassed my wife. She just thought it was cool.

WILLASS, was it a classy goosing, like an ass grabbing you’d give the queen, or was it a dirty goose, like you’d get from Courtney Love?

My brother’s English teacher was once felt up by Allan Ginsburg.

And wasn’t there a poster around here whose boyfriend was cruised by Svend Robinson?

Oh, and I forgot to add that once I asked my friend Scotty if he liked Rufus Wainwright. He looked disgusted and said no.

I asked why not, and he said “Because he keeps cruising me at Unity!”

:eek: send him to me!!!??!

Too bad it wasn’t Smurfette