Gandolfini has surgery, final Sopranos episodes delayed two months

Actor James Gandolfini, who plays mob boss Tony Soprano on HBO’s Sopranos, has undergone knee surgery for a motorbike accident that happened to him in May and the shooting schedule for the show has been pushed back until the end of this month. Chris Albrecht, CEO of HBO, announced that the premiere date for the final eight episodes of the show has been moved from January 7 until sometime in March so as not to go up against the NFL playoffs in January.

E Online

Already done.. Nobody cared.

What the fuck is Gandalf doing running around on a Vespa? I could not imagine a more unlikely pairing of man and vehicle.

Glad he’s not the real Mafioso. It would be hard to take orders from a man who couldn’t handle a sissy bike.

I thought those episodes were already in the can. HBO has tried to schedule around conflicts with the NFL schedule before. Could be just another example of that.