Is Tony Soprano going to get whacked?

James Gandolfini has filed a lawsuit against HBO, and the upshot seems to be they either pay him a HEFTY raise…or he leaves. Any guesses as to the outcome? If he leaves, they have to write it into the story line, and then…who takes over the “family business”?

Cite? I gotta see this.

That would pretty much hose up the last season, and I can’t see that I would watch at all. My understanding is that there is a four-year story arc to The Sopranos, and that they always had a very specific story in mind. If they whack him too soon I would know why. There goes suspension of disbelief. :mad:

Oh, well. Six Feet Under is still rockin’!

SFU is still going well! I love the Sopranos, but this is not good news for the viewers IMHO. JG’s loss would can the whole thing; there is no way it could be really good without him…that is, unless AJ does a powerplay and settles some family debts!!! I’m disappointed, but it has been sort of going downhill anyway-I miss Livia. She added so much to the angst there and was so essential…they never managed to replace her with any other character.

Thanks for your comments, and I hope you enjoy the new season of SFU!!

This page has all the details

Personally I think its all a big publicity stunt or else a power play by Gandalfini. I believe they start filming later this month. I’d be very surprised if he wasn’t on the set.

The plan is for one more season and then a full length movie. I’m sure that JG will be around for both.


He’ll get more money, and the show will go on as scheduled & scripted. Foregone conclusion. (Thank god.)

I wish he could have pulled some prima donna (primo uomo?) stunt and still managed to play Hanratty in Catch Me If You Can.

It’s not just the money factor. There is also the fact that the bigwigs broke the contract by not officially telling Gandolfini that his presence would be required for the taping of the new season.
I think there’s probably a huge media-hype factor here. The People need The Sopranos. Even if it might be just one more season.

It would work fine if they not only end the series, but erase all records of the last season, too - that was just Ralphie’s hit and a bunch of filler material.

If the show had ended with Junior’s singing “Ungrateful Hearts” at Jackie Jrs.’ wake, that would have been a nice wrap-up for a series that, after all, doesn’t have a real story arc.

If any of you would have paid attention, you’d notice how the story very closely follows the Christopher storyline almost as close as Tony’s. I’m pretty sure they’re going for a rise and fall of a Godafther from beggining to end thing here with Christopher, and Tony was just a nice start to the complete storyline.

If you caught the SAG awards last night, Gandolfini (who won Actor-Drama) alluded to the current situation. Also, Brad Garrett (winner, Comedy-Ensemble) made a joke about auditioning for T.S.

Oy,I missed the SAGs…what did he say? I’m glad he won, whatever he said!

I did see in today’s WSJ a short story about JG’s lawsuit, but it says essentially nothing really interesting except that it’s a power play on his part. But GUESS WHAT? A line of men’s clothing is coming out, called the Soprano collection. Yep. Now you, too, can have wonky looking bowling shirts, silk shirts and ties, Soprano style! I uhhhhh wonder if there’s a Tony robe…you know, like that one he wears down the driveway to fetch the morning paper in? Nice!!! LOL Mobster Chic. No women’s clothes, though-I am heart broken.

pages B1 and B3 in today’s WSJ

I loved all your comments! I agree that the show was over long ago, it just didn’t die when it should have.