Garden Pictures Post em

I rescued a Peony from an old farm homestead last year. The flowers I got last year were about what the plant accomplished in it’s original site. The plants and flowers have increased greatly this spring and I’m so happy with the results. They smell great and have really nice double flowers 6 to 8 inch flowers. In a couple years they will be a solid line.

Peony row. Close up of peony bloom.

Here’s the main iris bed I moved two summers ago. Most had stopped flowering in the old bed, and about a third flowered last spring. This year there were around 200 individual flower stalks. I’ll have to thin this year, but now I know what colors are where.

Iris row a week ago. Iris row a two days ago. Picture two iris row two days ago.

I reduced the pictures to a smaller size for persons with limited bandwidth before uploading.

Anybody else wishing to show off a garden picture should link here. Link to wild flowers if you found something nice.

I love peonies! I have to move mine – they’re no longer getting enough sun where they are. (I moved the balloonflowers next to them yesterday, but think I’ll wait and do the peonies in the fall when they’re dormant.)

Best to move them in the fall or early spring, before they come up. Sun is the deal breaker with a peony.

There are a bunch of them at my Flickr page. I need to get new pics of the herb garden–it’s really gone insane in the last few weeks.

Nice. Nasturiums don’t climb well. The vine type get long, but they don’t really climb. They would look wonderful cascading down the wall, which is more like what you’ll get. They also don’t require much fertiziler. You’ll have to plant a more vigerous climber to cover the pergola. I’m trying some double morning glories that are a bit different, and a few scarlet runner beans. I squeezed in some squash and pumpkins this year. The varieties in the stores are new ones that are insipient in flavor compared to the old varieties. I’m working hard at getting everything moved to it final location. I won’t be able to move stuff soon, without setting it’s growth back.

Any morning readers have garden pictures to post?

My latest project: the flower tower.

Not only a gardener, but an artist too.

Please put up a new picture when everything is flowing out of the pots.

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting a section of rain gutter on posts and planting the leaf lettuce in it so I don’t have as much trouble with dirt in the leaves. They are just a large flower box. I used one to send dahlias for planting home with my brother. They can be packed in a row and I don’t need 20 to 30 pots to send them to his home.