Gardening while black? Must be a paedo!

Jeebus America, some people are black. GET OVER IT.

The racists now control the federal government; of course they feel emboldened and are acting out more. It’s only going to escalate from here.

This right here. The Tiny-Handed Tyrant still believes his predecessor wasn’t a US citizen and that five teenage boys that have been completely exonerated are still guilty of rape and should be executed. He’s called those that have shot at and beaten black people “very fine people”. Of course the shitheads think this is ok - America elected their drunken uncle to the highest office.

Oh, this country’s just getting started.

I warned back on election night that this country was going back to the Jim Crow era. Understand that the assault on voter rights isn’t just an attempt to keep blacks from voting; it’s the first step in an attempt to restore the white pecking order, along with immigration restrictions. People don’t see it now, but in about 5-10 years time, the results will be more obvious in some regions of the country.

It’s not Trump, it’s whose supporting Trump. In a sense, American capitalism, American oligarchy depends on racial conflict. It needs race-based hierarchy and racial conflict in order to survive. If ordinary folk are spending their time fighting each other, they’re spending less time holding the oligarchs accountable and demanding a fairer society. Expect this not only to continue, but to worsen.

Nice attempt at in-grouping on concern over race and gender inequality while expressing your own prejudices elsewhere.


Why is he wrong?

He’s a condescending limey idiot who makes these posts in order to feel superior, all the while ignoring the irony that the subjugation of African peoples was the work of his ilk. Racism? Shit, you fuckheads invented it. Go cry about Brexit somewhere, you fucking dink.

Yes, but the UK has probably done a better job of dealing with racism than the US, which still uses a constitution that is inherently racist and established a racist economic, political, and social framework. And we’re naive if you think we’ve somehow improved the constitution to remove the stains of racism. They’re still there, still obvious, if we would just acknowledge it.

Just a couple samples of the o.p.’s genuine concern for the rights and recognition pf all peoples:

[THREAD=850391]Next shithole: South Africa?[/THREAD]
[THREAD=841218]South Africa going the way of Zimbabwe?[/THREAD]

I rarely bother enough to pay attention or track particular posters unless they have some special are of knowledge or expertise I find interesting, bit when I see the o.p. authoring a thread I know that it will be something of breathtaking obtusity and astonishing stupidity. He is like the parody of a self-entitled Englishman with a monocle making pronouncements about the ‘proper way’ of conducting one’s self while [THREAD=834102]passive-aggressively admonishing the waitstaff for the quality of the food by leaving an “insult tip”.[/THREAD] He also has a [THREAD=857968]fixation on rape and false accusations[/THREAD], and making sure that [THREAD=851580]men don’t get the short straw in issues of gender equality[/THREAD] because that is a real problem in modern society where men are routinely denied occupational and educational opportunities.

TL;DR: the o.p. is a disingenuous idiot who pretends concern for inequality and bigotry while often tacitly expressing the same.


This thing has an Alice’s restaurant feel to it.

I can imagine the defendant in jail, explaining his charges to desperate criminals in the holding pen:

“So what are you in for?”

“Illegal gardening…and creating a nuisance.”

“You the man!”

Stranger, how dare you.

Call Quartz an Englishman. He is a Scot

Even worse; the race that brought Presbyterianism, haggis, and overly long Mel Gibson pseudo-historical epics upon humanity. “Go, prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, thou lily-liver’d boy.”


I’m sure the OP thinks he stumbled on some sort of cataclysmic “gotcha” for liberals — hey, here’s a story about white women falsely accusing a black man of crimes.

Because his stupid right wing bubble pea brain has convinced him that ALL liberals think every accusation made by a a white woman is true.
Because his stupid right wing bubble pea brain has convinced him that ALL liberals think black men are always innocent of everything.

So this idiot thinks he’s going to make everyone’s heads explode with his brilliance. Yawn.

And Quartz, go fuck yourself.

I hope the next time I see Peeples in the news, it’s about him suing the women for everything they own.

Thank you for displaying your ignorance. Do you know that those African slaves were sold to European slavers by Africans? Do you know that slavery in the Old World was endemic all over until very recently? Do you know that the experience of enslaved Africans was nothing special? Read up on Roman slavery sometime. Or Persian slavery. Or Chinese slavery.

Indeed you might care to read up on the Arab slave trade on the East coast, where male black African slaves were routinely castrated - by the African slavers - before sale to the Arabs.

Thank you for your eloquent and ignorant idiocy.

Der. No shit. And guess how they crossed the ocean?

Rule Brittania
Brittania runs the slaves
We chained, castrated and raped
all the slaves

Ha ha ha…that’s cute.

Can someone please explain to me just why you’re all slagging off the UK because Quartz is a prick? I don’t call the whole of the US cunts just because you’ve got Trump, Bannon, and the like. Show me a nation that doesn’t have the odd bell end.

Oh, and I’m fairly confident that he’s English, though I believe currently resides in North East scotland (think I saw him on Union St a couple of weeks back)