Quartz - please explain your rape fixation?

Quartz, my minerally blessed friend, you have quite the fascination with starting threads on rape. Here are a few of them from the last 3 months:

Why is this woman not being charged with rape?
July 2

The penalty for making a false allegation of rape? £200
June 11

How should I handle this incident of domestic violence?
June 9

Two false accusers likely won’t be charged.
May 29

What should happen in this false sex offence case?
April 17, 2018

Threads about women bringing false accusations, threads about women assaulting men. Threads, essentially, about the ways that women done men wrong. No threads about the ways that men do women wrong,

Since it’s not possible to call you out for this in other forums, and since there’s definitely a trend here, I’d like to ask you Quartz, what the fuck is up with this? Do you think that no one understands that men are victims too, or that false accusations are made? Based on your list of “gotcha” news stories, you, Quartz, are a sexist bastard with an axe to grind, and we are the unfortunate recipients of your generosity. Quit trying to make this into some twisted contest about who’s the rapiest. We already know who you think is less honest.

Just quit.

Thank you, Sunny. I wondered this too.

Me, three.

Yes, Quartz, for the love of all that’s holy and bright, we get it. Women are awful.

I, personally, am FABULOUS.

Quartz can go suck rocks.

Yes, you are indeed fabulous!
Maybe I just FEEL awful tonight.

Awful, lying bitches, amirite? Poor oppressed men, being victimized by all them lying bitches.

Is there any answer Quartz can give and not seem even creepier? What is the best case scenario here?

A complete apology along with a full admission that what he is doing is wrong with a promise to be better in the future.

It’s not just rape; the poster in question covers all manner of invented abuses by women against men, always with a distinctly passive-aggressive, “What did I do?” tone when questioned about his motivation. I rarely mark the names of posters who contribute so little to any discussion other than to assign them to the cornfield directory, but among the village idiots that poster in particular stands out as a study in determined obstusity.


Dream world, he stops doing it.
Follow up, we talk about what he’s doing.

Fair enough. I guess I can’t dream that optimistically anymore.


Isn’t that what a complete apology IS?

I’m relatively certain that Mr. Miskatonic was kidding, because it’s hard to imagine in any universe that it will happen.

In my dream world scenario, he stops doing it even if he never comes here to discuss it, because he’s been called out on it. It’s a dream.

Second choice, he joins the thread and we can discuss his behavior. This reminds me. I’ll just go let him know, shall I?

I had taken little notice of Quartz until this thread, in which he described how he looooves to stiff servers when he doesn’t like the food. Because, obviously, the correct response to being served bad food is to punish the person who carried it from the kitchen to your table.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say that the server who got that 5-cent tip for daring to serve him Hollandaise with “no discernible lemon” was probably female.

The kitchen staff had taken turns raping that Hollandaise.

(Or, is this another false allegation?)

They must have slam dunked the lemon.

Quartz has demonstrated what a shit he is in a variety of ways. One of his shticks is to express his concern about people badmouthing Trump (particularly strange since he isn’t even American), despite the fact that he insists he doesn’t a Trump supporter. He can’t even be honest about his political sympathies.

He also had the gall to Pit davidmich, one of the most inoffensive posters on the board, just because he thought his questions were a bit weird. He showed himself to be the kind of bully who tries to build up his own ego by picking on the kids who don’t fit in.

Every now and then, I feel like this board is like Groundhog Day. Just the same people arguing over the same stuff day after day.

And then I remember that I seem to get under Quartz’s skin, and I’m reminded that I have a purpose here.

Quartz is a fifty year old virgin who has never had a serious relationship with a woman. I don’t know why anyone is surprised that he sucks Trump’s dick and thinks women are teh eviiillll!