"Gargoyles" needs to come out on DVD!

Upon reading this current thread on voice actors, I was reminded once again of how much I loved the cartoon series “Gargoyles,” and how much I wish Disney would let the episodes come out on DVD. There were a few releases on VHS, mostly single-story-arc episode runs, nothing of seasons, but with all of the television that’s been put onto disc (and some of it quite useless), I can’t believe a truly clever and visionary cartoon is still languishing in limbo.

I’m not looking for a bunch to start a petition here (they already exist in many half-assed forms on the web), just some confirmation I’m not the only fan of this show on the SDMB.

You are not alone. I enjoyed this toon as well. I have the whole run on video, but I would like to see it on DVD, too.

It was surpsingly dark for a Disney-branded toon.

Ask and you shall receive.

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"BURBANK, Calif, August 24, 2004 – Enter the mythical world of “Gargoyles” with the GARGOYLES SEASON 1 DVD COLLECTION. This special 10th anniversary, two-disc DVD set features the complete first season of the action-packed show. Fans will discover a bonus audio commentary from the filmmakers on the pilot episode, an original network affiliate pitch with creator introduction, and “Gathering of the Gargoyles,” a behind-the-scenes special program. "

Street date - December 7, 2004

I truly wish to believe. But it won’t be the first time Disney has “confirmed” a Gargoyles DVD, then reneged:

That being said, the significant number of details on this new Dec. 7 DVD makes it seem much more reliable. I’ll really believe it once I see my trusty TVShowsOnDVD.com report it.

Aw man, I thought you meant this classic from my childhood late nights.

Tenth anniversary? Holy hell… I had no idea it was that old although now that I think about it, it makes sense. It did come out right after TNG went off the air.

Slight highjack: Anyone know why there were so many TNG alumni as regulars on the show? As a Trekkie, that was my major motivation in seeing the show although after a year or two, I hit puberty and deemed cartoons too immature for someone of my age age and maturity.

I hadn’t realized it was 10 years old either… interesting.

I should dig out my copy of the movie and watch it.

Yeah, they need to come out with the awhole series from start to finish, if only so I know what the heck happened. I stopped watching for awhile and when I started to watch again the whole series was topsy turvy.

Wow! Now I just need everyone to be nice and quiet about it, so it will be a surprise when I get it for the husband for Christmas.

My understanding is that Frakes and Sirtis had so much fun doing it, that they actively roped many of the other TNG actors in. Actually, ‘Gargoyles’ spans all the Trek shows that had been done at the time the series was made - actors from TOS, DS9, and Voyager all made appearances at one time or another.

I was heavily involved in Gargoyles fandom at one point, and that was the story circulating at the time, anyhow.


I love Gargoyles. That, and the Aladdin cartoon were one of the few “children’s” cartoons I still watched once I got into junior high. Hopefully, the Aladdin cartoon will be released on DVD as well.

I’ll also admit that I stopped watching for a while, then started again, and so much had changed. They had such deep plots, and an almost non-issue in one ep. is the main story arc two seasons later! It’s great!

My name is GargoyleWB, and I approve this message. :wink: