Gargoyles season 2 info

Sounds like it is happening, with possible cool extras:


Guess I’m the only one interested.

Oh, I wouldn’t say that.

No, that’s sweet. I never saw the episodes in their original order, so I was disappointed to say the least at season 1 (although there were a couple good eps in that as well.)

Disapointed in the episodes themselves? My main dispontment was with the number of episodes. Season 2 has much more (tho I don’t know if they are going to break it up, or have the whole season on one set.)


The Eps themselves. Especially with how they teased you with MacBeth and then no more of that for season 1! Although the Awakening series that opened it was nice.

Woo! Season 2 rocked a lot of ass. Season 3 (aka “The Goliath Chronicles”) was crap in comparison. Apprantly, the creator left the series after the first ep. of season 3. Too bad, too, as season 3 could have been good.

There were even talks of spin-offs (ideas included a series about the beginning of the clan, when Hudson was the leader and Goliath was still young, a series about the alternate future Goliath saw, one about Avalon, etc…)

Damn you, Disney!

This is a rare case where I only semi-damn the Mouse. I was quite surprised that Dizney would even produce a series this dark.

I agree that The Goliath Chronicles diluted the series quite a bit, though.

No, not the only one interested, as I had participated in at least one other thread started by you, as well as started one on my own quite some time ago.

Just been away from my computer this weekend.

The thought of season two makes me quite excited.

I was just giving the thread a weekend bump. Guess it worked.


Just a little bit of info: There might not be any gay gargoyles on screen, and it would not really add anything to the plot, but just like gay members of Star Fleet, and many Amazons in the Wonder Women comics, they exist. I always found that to be very cool.

Hmmm…well, we can probably rule out any of the main Gargoyles, sine Goliath and Demona were lovers, and the three younger ones were all lusting after Angela. Although no mention of Hudson’ preferance as I recall…

And while there might not have been gay love on screen, they got damn close to some near-bestiality love between Goliath and Elisa.

Which for some reason reminds me of a question I always had:

How did Bronx (and that other Gargoyle “dog” on Avalon) come about? They obviously are like Gargoyles, but it is also made clear they are like a Gargoyle version of a dog, but come from Gargoyle eggs? :confused:

Personally, if my eggs turned out to hatch the equivilant of a dog, I’d be a bit upset…maybe that’s why they always refer to children as bring from the whole clan, so no one has to deal with that shame. :stuck_out_tongue:

You may want to check out


Yeah, I’ve been looking at that site a lot, now.

Of course, reading it jsut makes me want to see the “TimeDancer” series produced all the more, even though I’m sure it never will be. Oh well.


This winter
3 disks
26 episodes
some extras


Where did that whole “boat ride to nowhere” plotline fit in? I thought it was kind of annoying to leave New York City for the “meet some strangers, solve their problems, sail off into the sunset” bit.

[sub]Who was that masked gargoyle…?[/sub]

It isn’t often that I get to gratuitously wave my username around in a topical thread :cool:

I’ll have to check out the DVDs :slight_smile:

That was a sizeable chunk of season 2. Personally, I liked it. NYC got old after a while. it gave us a chance to see gargoyles and other fantastical creatures from around the world. New Olympus, particularly, was realyl cool.

Official info

Here are the details:
–First 26 episodes of Season 2.
–3-disc DVD set.
–Available on DVD December 6, 2005.
–$39.99 SRP US.

Bonus Features:
–Episode Introductions by Greg Weisman.
–Audio Commentaries on “City of Stone” Four-Parter.
–The Gathering of the Cast and Crew (featurette).


From a guy who just catches random episodes: what was the pack, and what was it’s significance?