Garlic Butter dipping sauce

I want to make my own garlic butter dipping sauce like they serve at Papa John’s pizza, among other places. I tried melting some butter with garlic powder and garlic salt in it, but it was really thin. The dipping sauce is supposed to be pretty thick so it sticks to the breadsticks. Any idea what I could use to thicken it up?

Flour. But use it sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Corn starch will work, too.

Mix some flour with softened butter, about 50/50. Make sure it’s uniformly mixed. Take a piece, and add to the sauce. Stir. Repeat until you get the desired thickness. This is call *beurre manie * in French cooking.

Oh, I would add some white wine with the butter, at the beginning. And use real garlic, even if it’s just “jarlic”.

Maybe arrowroot would work as a thickener?

Try using garlic paste. Mixed with melted butter it ought to give you the right consistency.

I second real garlic or the above garlic paste.

Chop or mince garlic, and saute it over med/low heat. Dont let it get brown, just soften it up. Whisk in cold butter in small pieces over low heat. Let the butter melt while whisking before adding another piece.

You want it just hot enough to melt the butter without it seperating.

You can also do then beurre manie, but you have to cook it a while or you will taste the flour.

Roast a head of garlic. Or two or three. Do this by removing the outer skin of the head, and cutting off the tops of the attached cloves. Drizzle with olive oil, wrap in foil, roast in oven with something else. I don’t know how long it takes, I just look at it now and then. It’s done when the cloves have liquified. Mash this with some butter.

NOW you have garlic butter. It’s actually pretty mild, too.

Yeah, thats a great idea too. Takes 20-30 min in a 350 oven, but I prefer doing it low and slow on the grill or in a 250 oven.