Garth Brooks New Headliner On Strip In Las Vegas?

According to news reports, Garth Brooks will be signing a long-term contract to be Las Vegas’ newest resident headliner in the new Encore theater (where the late Danny Gans performed.) Supposedly the deal is just a few days from announcement.

I am not a huge fan of Garth - but I know he has legions of fans and thought I would let you know.

Will get back to this thread once I hear the deal is signed.

I saw him in concert at the height of his popularity (about 15 years ago). It was at Texas Stadium and initially he was going to play there two nights in a row. Weeks before the concerts, each night sold out within about 15 minutes of tickets going on sale, and a lot of people who had stood in line for hours went home without tickets. So he extended his stop in Dallas and ended up playing 4 sold-out shows on 4 consecutive days at Texas Stadium.

He is an impressive showman. There were a lot of ‘gimmicks’ in the show like rain and lightning on stage for “The Thunder Rolls,” and at one point he got into a harness and flew over the crowd down the length of the stadium, and he can play a few instruments like guitar, piano, saxaphone, and harmonica. He knows how to work the crowd and he goes all out to please his fans. I can see him doing well in Vegas.

I’d go see him and I don’t consider myself a huge fan. Of course, you’d have to get me to Vegas first, no thanks. Penn & Teller would be my first stop.